The 7 Best New CMS Apps, and How to Use Them With CMS Hub.

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Alex Girard
Alex Girard


Have you ever wanted to create a filterable list of your products, but weren’t sure how? Maybe you wanted to explore providing educational content to your customers, but didn’t know how to track progress because you didn’t have a learning management system readily available. Or, maybe you wanted to start selling your products or services directly on your website, but didn’t have an ecommerce platform set up.

You’re not alone. Most people want a website that goes beyond just a static brochure. They want content that their prospects can interact with and quickly get value from.

With this in mind, we’ve recently launched a slew of new apps into HubSpot’s App Marketplace. These apps extend the functionality of CMS Hub so you can more easily manage your content,  better reach your customers, and get the most out of CMS Hub.

Here are seven of our favorite new CMS apps, and how you can use them on your site.

eZo eCommerce

If you’re looking to create an ecommerce website in HubSpot, eZo makes it easy. With eZo your ecommerce store lives within CMS Hub, so you don’t have to integrate with a third-party ecommerce platform, or worry about data syncing over to HubSpot.

eZo also makes it easy to sell not just products, but subscriptions. You can set the payment frequency, add an initial one-off payment for the service, if needed, and set the length of the subscription. 

If you want to build your eCommerce website in HubSpot, eZo will provide you with two themes: a lite theme that can be used to create product pages with ecommerce functionality, or an essentials theme, which has everything you need to build your entire website in CMS Hub, if you’re just getting started.

Learn more about eZo

Campaign Warrior

Campaign Warrior is a CMS app that can help you audit your web content, perform better in organic search, and increase engagement on your site. Campaign Warrior will organize your website into a list of pages, and give you the option to quickly filter your content and automatically tag those pages. You can use these tags to create clusters where you are able to organize your content by a specific stage in the buyer’s journey. Perhaps most importantly, Campaign Warrior creates a related content module within CMS Hub, and lets you input your content clusters into that module. This can help you increase engagement with your site visitors, and move them further along in their buyer’s journey.

Learn more about Campaign Warrior

Checkout HQ


Checkout HQ Leverages HubSpot’s Products, Deals, and Contacts objects to create a simple ecommerce solution in CMS Hub. Checkout HQ will automatically take on the look and feel of your website by adapting to your theme so you can start using it right away. It also adds five drafted landing pages, and nine example products into your HubSpot account upon installation so you can get started easily. And best of all, Checkout HQ leverages Stripe, so you can rest assured that your customers’ data will be secure throughout the entire purchasing process.

Learn more about Checkout HQ

Boldstack Resources


HubDB enables you to create dynamic content for your website. But, the editing experience can be frustrating for a marketer. That’s where Boldstack Resources comes in. It creates a guided experience for setting up a HubDB table, and visually shows you what the HubDB table will look like on your website as you create it. Tables created within Boldstack Resources are automatically synced back to HubSpot, and editing a table after you created it is seamless. Boldstack Resources also provides a module that allows you to add a HubDB table to your web pages the same way you would add any other module in HubSpot.

Learn more about Boldstack Resources 


RealCity lets you create a real estate website using CMS Hub. RealCity creates a custom object in your HubSpot portal with over 290 fields baked in to make it easy to start running your real estate business in HubSpot. And, with a theme packed with twelve custom modules including a mortgage calculator and a “latest listing” widget, you’ll be able to confidently build out real estate listings on your site.

Learn more about RealCity

Find It

Find It helps you add filter-and-search functionality to your website quickly and easily. Using their builder, you can select the information on your site that you want to display, such as product features or search radius. Using this information, Find It will create a HubDB table in your HubSpot portal to which you can add data to your HubDB table through a .csv file. You’ll then be able to drag and drop the Find It module onto any page on your website. You can use Find It to let your site visitors filter down your product library, find various locations of your business, search for specific resources on your site, and more.

Learn more about Find It


HubLMS lets you build a learning management system directly within HubSpot. With HubLMS, you can build out a learning course for new employees, create a customer onboarding course to help your customers find more value quickly, create high-value gated marketing content, and more. You’ll be able to easily edit the web pages, and organize your courses using categories. You can also offer free preview lessons to get your audience excited to learn more, and offer feedback surveys at the end of courses to improve your content over time.

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