The Complete List of April 2021 Product Updates

Joe Mayall
Joe Mayall



Here at HubSpot, we’re on a quest to become the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses. We’ve made key updates this month to get us closer. Let’s review!

Operations Hub

New Hub alert! If you work in operations, we’ve got you covered. Allow us to introduce our brand new Operations Hub.

Our data sync engine - with two-way, live, and historical syncing capability - helps keep info up-to-date across teams and third-party apps. Data quality automation ensures all your CRM info is pristine, so you can segment with ease. And finally, programmable automation enables custom javascript code blocks, right in workflows. Pretty cool, right?

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Site Tree

Highly requested and highly anticipated, we’ve added site tree editing to CMS Hub. Create new pages, edit existing ones, and view how your site has been structured and laid out all-in-one. Our site tree is built for rapid site management as you expand and add more pages.

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Enhancements to Smart Content

Now you can make all content and custom modules on your website “smart.” Customize your page visitor’s experiences as you like, based on information in our CRM. Our editing experience also got an upgrade. Modify and view your smart variations right inside the editor, in real-time. As you edit, we show you other smart modules on the page.

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A Slew of New SEO Recommendations

We’ve added seven new SEO checks for performance, accessibility, and user experience. These new recommendations will keep your site running faster, provide the best possible customer experience, and improve your Google ranking. Scan a new website or an existing one via our SEO audit tool to start.

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Advanced Filters on the Pages Control Center

Our pages control center now offers more granular control over content management in HubSpot. Filter the pages dashboard by audience access, test status, who last updated it, and more. Edit columns to quickly see what content exists in table view.

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Upload Any Type of File to the Design Manager

Your developers will love the additional organization they’ll have in our design manager. Drop in any file (including .txt, .md, .jpg and more) into the manager to keep track of all site components in one toolkit.

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Deal Automation

Put your sales process on autopilot. Deal automation triggers a workflow any time a prospect or customer interacts with your content, website, and more. Kick back and relax as deal automation moves your leads from one part of the customer journey to the next.

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Custom Object Settings Pages

Admins will find a "Custom Objects" option in their settings after creating a custom object for their hub. "Custom Objects'' will have settings for each custom object the customer has created. These include: managing properties, editing the new record creation form, and selecting the properties for display on an association card.

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Single Record Delete Permissions

With new permissions, you can better control who can access, manage, and delete your CRM records. Admins can now create delete permissions by record type and user, separately from edit permissions.

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Insights and Data Tools

Marketing Attribution Now Includes Deal Creation

In HubSpot, a "deal" is created when a lead is handed off to sales. We want to give you insight into the middle of this funnel. This update, now in public beta for Enterprise Marketing Hub users, helps you understand which assets and activities best nurture customers from leads to sales handoffs.

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New Reporting to Unpack the Customer Journey

Three new reports help you understand  'marketing velocity' – the parts of your marketing strategy that help you most quickly achieve a given goal. These reports let you trace how long key steps in your customer journey take, including average time to become a customer, average time to open a deal, and how long it takes deals to close, helping you understand which steps you can optimize.

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Sales Hub

New Sequences Contact Properties

Four new sequence properties give you more context about contacts and enrollment. Now you can see the last sequence enrolled, enroll date, end date, and the number of sequences for deeper reporting, workflows, and personalized customer experiences. Neat!

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Connected Calendar No Longer Required to View Meetings

Getting access to meetings just got a whole lot easier for you and your teams. Users will no longer be required to have their calendar connected to view the meetings library, edit meetings, or set up a booking page.

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Library Limit Increases

We're increasing the content limits across Templates, Sequences, Documents, Snippets, and Playbooks from 1000 per portal to 5000 per portal. All users with paid seats will have access to this higher cap starting now.

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Products Object Repackaging

Users in all Pro+ portals (i.e. Sales Pro+, Marketing Pro+, Service Pro+, and CMS Pro+) are able to create products in their product library. Use this tool to manage sales, e-comm stores, e-comm email marketing and more!

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Service Hub

New Search, Filter & Sort Experience in Conversations Inbox

We’ve improved the conversations inbox to make finding and responding to service tickets faster. Sort between oldest and newest conversations, filter by ticket status as open or closed, search from a custom date range and find conversations assigned to team members and bots. 

Spend more time connecting with customers. Gotta love that!

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New Inbox Reply Editor Experience

Our reply editor has been redesigned for a seamless, omnichannel experience. This new interface, expandable within your inbox and no longer a pop-up, helps you to respond to clients faster.  

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