The Complete List of August 2020 Product Updates

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Nathaniel Medina
Nathaniel Medina


Welcome to the latest edition of the Product Spotlight. We’re super excited to walk you through August’s biggest and most exciting HubSpot product updates. 

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Our Product Spotlight video is also available in Spanish, French, and German.

What’s New in Marketing Hub?

Free Landing Pages

To create successful lead generation campaigns, you need to constantly focus on the end-to-end customer experience. With this in mind, we’ve added our landing page builder into the free marketing tools available within the HubSpot CRM. Now, it’s easy to build beautifully designed landing pages that help you create impactful marketing campaigns to grow your business. Free users can create up to twenty landing pages using any of our pre-built templates and a variety of modules including a meetings module that lets your prospects book meetings directly with your sales team. And as always, our free marketing tools are powered by the HubSpot CRM, so you can keep your customers at the forefront of all your marketing efforts. 

CMS Drag-n-Drop Editor GIF

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Facebook and LinkedIn website traffic campaigns

You’ve just created a great new webpage through HubSpot that highlights all the reasons why potential customers should download your ebook. But how do you get traffic to this page? One way is to create a website traffic campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn. Now, you can do all of that through HubSpot.

With this latest update to the Ads tool, you no longer have to leave HubSpot to create a Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaign that links directly to a landing page. Build your campaign directly in the Ads tool or from the CMS and Landing Pages.

Graphic showing in-text description

After you've finished creating your webpage, you'll see the published screen, which gives you a link to create a website traffic ad. You can also create a website traffic ad by selecting "Promote" in the top-right corner. This will take you to the ad campaign editor screen which will auto-populate the URL of that landing page for you. Simply fill in the details of your campaign and hit "Publish." You’re now on your way to driving potential new customers to your new webpage.

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Multi-authentication for ad account connections

Previously in HubSpot, only one user in a portal had the permissions to connect an ad account. Now, with multi-authentication for ad accounts, anyone on your team with “Ads-Publish permission” can connect their ad account to create and manage ad campaigns or create audiences and events.

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Preview your social posts before publishing

When creating and editing your social posts in HubSpot, it’s always useful to be able to see what the end result will look like. That’s why we’ve now made it possible to preview your posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter before you publish. HubSpot will show you an accurate representation of what the post will look like as if you were using the actual network itself to publish your posts. This gives you the chance to see exactly how your social posts will look prior to publishing and keep your brand on point.

Graphic showing example of in-text description.

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What’s New in Sales Hub? 

Task daily digest

If you’re using tasks to run your day, you may have noticed a lot of email notifications for each of your tasks. Instead of having to deal with all of the notifications, we’ve streamlined the most important task notifications for you in one digest email. Every morning at 8:00 a.m. in your portal's local timezone, task users will receive a single digest email outlining the total number of tasks that are due for the day as well as the top three most important tasks based on priority. The daily digest is available to all tasks users.

Example of the daily task digest as described in-text

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Time between calculated properties

Now calculated properties are available to all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers and, with the latest update, you can now use calculated properties to calculate the time between two important dates. For example, how long does it take for a deal to close or for a new contact to become a sales qualified lead? Run reports on this new calculated property to better understand the health of your flywheel. 

GIF showing the process described in-text

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Keep your HubSpot data clean

Finally, two quick updates that focus on keeping your HubSpot account organized.

First, admins can now export property definitions to get a super detailed look at all of their properties for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and products. This is great for planning out complicated internal processes, merging hubs, or general account clean-up. Simply navigate to properties and find the “Export all properties” option.

GIF showing the in-text described property exportThe second update allows you to permanently delete data like contacts, companies, deals, and tickets, helping you maintain a clean and compliant HubSpot account. Previously, this could only be done by super admins with GDPR features enabled. To permanently delete data from your HubSpot account, visit the recycle bin and click “Delete.” 

GIF showing permanent delete as described in-text

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What’s New in Service Hub? 

Logged-in visitor identification

If you have a login feature on any of your webpages whether on a HubSpot-hosted page or an external site you can now identify logged-in visitors from HubSpot’s Conversations inbox when visitors message your team.

Alongside a visitor’s message in the inbox, you will also now see known information from their contact record and any prior chat history with other members of your team. This provides richer context for you and lets you deliver a faster and more personalized experience to the customer.

Screenshot of conversation records for a contactImage depicting in-text descriptionThis feature is now available in all Hubs at the Professional and Enterprise tiers.

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What’s New in CMS Hub? 

Multi-language blog tags and authors

You now have the ability to create blog authors and tags across all of the languages you create content in. These language variations can be grouped together, so when you create a language variation of a blog post, the in-language author profile or blog tag will automatically be pulled in. For example, if you have a blog tag for all blogs on social media tips, the French blog tag will be automatically swapped in when you go to create a French variant of your blog post. To get started, head over to the blog tool, and select either "Authors" or "Tags."

Graphic showing in-text description

Graphic showing in-text description

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What’s New in the Ecosystem? 

Zoom app updates

Two updates to the HubSpot-built app for Zoom are now live.

First, you and any other meeting participants now can be notified directly on the contact record when a Zoom cloud recording becomes available.

You can even use password protection provided by Zoom for the recordings, and you can also share recording links with others. In order to get access to this new feature, you’ll need your HubSpot super admin, who is also a Zoom admin, to go to your connected apps page and re-authenticate the Zoom app.

Graphic of Test recording availability notice

Zoom Reconnect dialog boxThis update is now live and available for all Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users. Learn more at Get Notified about Zoom Cloud Recordings.

Second, we’ve revamped the Zoom app settings page in HubSpot to include three new sync functions, providing you with more control for easily and effectively managing your sync. The new functions are:

  1. "Auto-Sync" data from all new webinars
  2. "Sync" webinars to make sure that new registrants and participants are in HubSpot
  3. "Re-sync All Data" from previous webinars
Graphic corresponding to enumerated in-text description

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Email marketing with the HubSpot WordPress plugin

Send HubSpot email campaigns directly from WordPress, now live.

Previously with WordPress, you needed to use a form plugin, integrate it with an email service provider like Mailchimp, and then send your email campaigns in another tool

Graphic depicting in-text description below
Now you can use a HubSpot form or chat to automatically capture contacts in your HubSpot CRM, where you can organize contacts into lists and send an email campaign all without leaving WordPress.

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What Else is New in HubSpot?

User Deletion Improvement

Internal user turnover can be painful, both for your team and your customers. When you remove a user from your HubSpot account, you need to reassign the assets they own or your team will be ineffective and your customers will be left hanging.

With today's update, you've got a new popup that shows you a user's owned assets and gives you a chance to view and reassign them before deleting the user. That'll keep your team efficient and your customer conversations fully contextual.

Here's how it works:

  • Navigate to Settings in your HubSpot Account
  • Select Users & Teams

Delete a user or group of users. If they are currently assigned contacts, companies, tasks, or deals, or if they've set up an inbox, you'll see the new modal before you can finish the deletion. If you click on any of the links, you'll see the exact records they own, so you can reassign them quickly.

The new modal is now live in all HubSpot accounts.

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