The Complete List of December 2019 Product Updates

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Alex Girard
Alex Girard



December has come and gone, and 2020 is upon use. Here are new product launches to close up the year.

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HubSpot's December Updates:

What’s new in Marketing Hub?

Control your image optimization quality

Depending on what type of content you’re creating, you might want to customize your images optimization quality. By default, HubSpot balances uploaded images for both load time and image quality, but there could be times where you want more granular control. For example, you may want an email image to be higher resolution, while an image on a page might be lower resolution for a faster load time. This is now possible within HubSpot. Simply select your image optimization level when inserting an image into any piece of content.

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Check out this blog post.


Customize your Pop-up Forms and Conversations 

Personalization is one of the most important parts of your chat and pop-up form strategy. So we’re really excited to introduce advanced targeting and additional triggers to help you reach the right visitors.  Besides selecting a specific website page where you would like your pop up to appear you can now also apply filters based on the characteristics of your website visitors - what pages they’ve browsed, what country they are in, are they a new for returning visitor, have they clicked any particular CTA and many, many more. The filters allow you to combine multiple rules as well as create exclusion rules.

The advanced targeting is live now for pop-up forms and in beta for Conversations. For access you can reach out to your CSM.

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Updates to HubSpot's Rich Text Updates 

We’ve also made  a number of small, but impactful updates to our rich text tool to make it easier to create content across email, blogs, and web pages. You can now edit and style tables within rich text modules, find the personalization tokens you need and make quick in-line edits, and improve the visuals of anchor links so they are easy to locate and add to your content.

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Create LinkedIn Ads and, redeem your $100 ad credits

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad Creation is now available in HubSpot. LinkedIn Lead Gen ads include a form *inside* the ad itself, which is pre-filled with the users' LinkedIn profile information. With lead syncing turned on, these leads automatically sync over to HubSpot and can be added to dynamic lists and used in automation.

Plus, if you’re new to advertising with Linkedin we have some free ad credits to help get you started. Learn how you can redeem $100 in ad credits by clicking the link in the description.

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 Ads Reports

News Ads Reports 

And along with new Linkedin Ads, our Report library has 6 new reports for monitoring and optimizing your ad campaigns.  You can find these reports by clicking “Add report” button on a dashboard to enter the Report Library, then clicking on “Marketing” in the side navigation, and then clicking on the “Ads” category.


What’s New in Sales Hub?

Bring actionable videos to your company with HubSpot Video 

People love highly personal, authentic, and actionable videos. HubSpot Video brings the impact of video to your entire business. With video features directly integrated into templates and sequences, it’s now easier than ever for your sales and customer service teams to leverage 1:1 video as a part of your process at scale. When creating content in templates or sequences, simply click the HubSpot Video icon from the editor. You’ll be able to choose from past video content or record new content to embed into your message.


Want to learn more about HubSpot Video?

Check out this Knowledge Article.


Export your Data with new Reporting Features 

HubSpot reporting gives you insight into how your business is performing, but sometimes it’s helpful to export that data -- so you can get a closer look at all the details outside of HubSpot. Well now, you can export data from FOUR key analytics tools: contact analytics, sales content analytics, sales team productivity, and service team productivity tools. This update is now available to all Professional and Enterprise customers. 

And speaking of getting a deeper understanding of your data -- we’ve also made improvements to funnel reports. With the latest update to funnel reports, you can now see cumulative conversion percentages alongside the“next step” conversion percentages. It’s important to note that this change only impacts funnel reports that show deals that have been through all stages of the funnel. 

We’ve also made a couple of improvements to the Revenue Analytics tool in Sales Hub Enterprise. With the latest update, you can now see projected recurring revenue in future time ranges, and you can drill down to see the deals that comprise each revenue category.



More Visibility for Sales Hub Admins 

First up, admins can now keep track of last user activity -- this is a helpful way for admins to monitor system adoption and proactively target training for those not using HubSpot as intended. Admins also now have the ability to access all private dashboards -- which is a valuable update for teams dealing with a lot of turnover.  ManageDashboards


Improvements for Sales Reps 

Now I’ve just shared a bunch of updates for our managers and HubSpot admins -- but I do have a couple improvements for our sales reps as well. One of these improvements is the addition of priority tasks. When a sales rep creates a new task, they now have the option to mark that task as a priority. Reps can then sort and view tasks based on priority to ensure the most important things never slip through the cracks.


You can now add comments in the CRM

And the LAST update I want to share is that you can now add comments to notes, calls, and meetings logged in the CRM. This allows for seamless collaboration across teams, right within HubSpot.



What’s New in Service Hub?

Control the look and feel of your Knowledge Base 

Your Knowledge base tool in HubSpot now features custom templates. This gives your real control over the look and feel of you knowledge base and articles. Choose from a number of new templates to upgrade the design and use new customization options that allow you to build a knowledge base that is closer to your brand. Also in knowledge base you’ll now see the ability to add callouts and tables in the editor of your articles. Little improvements that will help your customers download the information they need to help themselves faster. 


Create and send multiple NPS surveys 

Now live in feedback surveys is the ability to create and send multiple NPS surveys. This makes it easy to survey different sets of customers at once, and includes the ability to clone and delete surveys. You can now set up multiple surveys and have more than one survey running at any time. To get started with custom templates or multiple NPS surveys just jump into the service tab in HubSpot and get started.

Ready to send your customers feedback surveys?

Check out this blog post with all the info.

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Chatflow Builder now on a Single Page

When creating a chatflow, keeping track of the conversation and all of its branches can get a little.. complicated. To help, we’ve updated the chatflow building experience to be a single page. Now you can easily visualize all of the paths conversation can take and toggle between the different paths based on if then responses.

Ready to create chatflows? 

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What’s New in the App Marketplace?

Major improvements to the Salesforce Sync Health  

To have a strong, reliable integration that you can trust, you need to understand the issues that are blocking data when syncing from one system to another. That’s exactly what this new and improved “Sync Health” tab for HubSpot’s Salesforce integration does with three major changes.


First, the Sync Health tab is now the first tab you land on when checking out your Salesforce integration so you can immediately understand how healthy your sync is. Second, you’ll find distinct error categories such as associations, custom code, duplicates, property mappings, and more so you can prioritize and plan how to address the errors. Lastly, you now have the ability to sign up for sync error notifications on an instant, daily, or weekly basis so that you can resolve errors as quickly as possible and keep your integration healthy.


Ready to check out the major integrations?

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Now use Gravity Forms and HubSpot together 

Gravity Forms is one of the most trusted and used website form tools in the world. More than 1 million WordPress websites leverage Gravity Forms to power advanced conversion paths to increase lead generation. 

Now, you can use Gravity Forms and HubSpot together! The Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-on is included in all Gravity Forms plans and works with all subscription levels of HubSpot… including the free plan! 

By installing and activating the HubSpot Add-on for Gravity Forms, all of your form submissions will automatically sync with your HubSpot account and create or update your contact profiles. 

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