The Complete List of February 2021 Product Updates

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Joe Mayall
Joe Mayall


Welcome to the latest edition of the Product Spotlight! This blog will be your guide to this month’s biggest and most exciting HubSpot product updates. We’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s get started!

What's New in the HubSpot Product?

Marketing Hub 

Automatically Add Data to Google Sheets with Workflows

With this update, when you add an action to a workflow, a new row of data in a new or existing Google Sheet will automatically be created , saving you the time it takes to export data and helping you answer questions faster. This feature is now available to Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub Pro and Enterprise customers.

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TikTok is Now Supported in Traffic Analytics

As perhaps the fastest growing social media platform, it's no surprise that there has been an explosion in web traffic originating from TikTok.

With this update, you can now see how much traffic TikTok drives to your website, enabling you to compare TikTok-driven traffic with traffic from other social media sites. This gives you an easy way to determine which channels you should leverage to promote your brand.

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CMS Hub 

Lazy Loading Images

It’s no secret that faster pages rank higher in search, have lower bounce rates, and drive stronger engagement with your site visitors. One of the easiest things you can do to optimize your web content is to implement lazy loading on your images. Lazy loading gives pages a faster loading time by deferring the loading of images until the page visitor scrolls to the image.

This month, we’ve made it so you can easily enable lazy loading for images on your pages. This can be done for images within an image module, a rich text module, or a custom module by simply switching the “Image Loading” toggle over to “Lazy.” Head over to your pages in the CMS, and toggle on "lazy loading" to ensure your content loads as fast as possible.


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Create Personalized Websites with the CRM Object Field

By leveraging CRM data directly on your website, you can create truly personalized experiences for visitors. This could mean offering a login to your customers to manage their personalized account information, or setting up a simple real estate listing where site visitors can view information on properties you manage. To make it easy to use CRM data on your website, we've launched a new CRM Object CMS module field. This module field allows developers to build modules that pull data directly from different CRM objects.  Marketers can then drag-and-drop these modules into their pages to easily leverage information stored within their CRM object instances in their content. 

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HubDB Row Fields

HubDB lets you create dynamic content based on a specific dataset within HubSpot. With the new HubDB row field, developers can create custom modules that reference a HubDB table, while marketers can now select exactly what rows from the table they want to display as part of the custom module. That means less work for the developer and more power for the marketer to use their HubDB data in their content. 

To get started, select the HubDB row field when creating a new custom module. Set the HubDB table you’d like to pull information from, and then choose which columns should be displayed in the module’s output. Marketers can then easily control what information appears on their pages within the content editor.

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Click here to learn more about HubDB Row Fields.


Sales Hub 

Sequence Enrollment is Now Supported in Revenue Attribution

Knowing what's working, and what's not, is an important part of growing any business. With Attribution Reporting, you can automatically connect every customer interaction to revenue. Now reps can get a full view of their work, whether that's turning cold emails into closed deals, or shepherding warm leads through the process. Configure attribution reporting to assign credit to any closed-won deal that's enrolled in Sales Hub Sequences, or automated sales email nurture streams. Attribution Reporting is available for Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise, and Marketing Hub Enterprise customers.


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Internal Team Notes on Meeting Activity

When you rely on meetings to run your day, it’s critical to share meeting details, agenda items, and goals with your attendees. But, you also need to collaborate with your team so they can track important details such as stakeholders and background context. Now you and your team can leave notes on meeting activities without syncing to your attendees’ calendars via the bidirectional calendar sync.

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Service Hub 

Play Videos in the Chat Widget

Your customers and prospects don’t have time to download videos and click into a separate video environment while they chat with you. Now videos will play right within the chat widget, so customers can seamlessly watch the videos you send via chat. This creates more efficient conversations, leading to more delighted customers. This feature is available to all HubSpot users.


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Seamless Opt-in for Ticket Automation

Service leaders shouldn’t have to worry about their team missing tickets or wasting time on status management. Ticket automation eliminates these worries and we’ve now made it even easier to opt-in. Now in public beta for all net-new users of Service Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise, contextual ticket automation will be turned on. All existing users will have their current settings preserved and will experience no change, except for an enhanced look and feel to ticket automation settings.

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