The Complete List of July 2021 Product Updates

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Joe Mayall
Joe Mayall


Thank you for visiting our July product updates blog. Take a look at what HubSpot has been up to this month.

Operations Hub

Company Sync

Make syncing HubSpot with your CRM - transferring data, contacts, and more - lightning-fast. Use company sync to seamlessly exchange company data between HubSpot and all your other apps like Microsoft Dynamics, Intercom, and more. Once in HubSpot, use that data alongside the rest of your CRM info to segment, automate, and report. It’s just divine.

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Style Fields Within Custom Modules

Marketers can now make design and style changes to custom modules directly, without added CSS support from developers. With style fields on custom modules, developers can enable marketers to easily edit and control their content’s appearance. With expanded custom modules functionality and room for creativity, everyone wins.

Blog Listing Page Editing

This update is a simple, but a powerful one for marketers. You can now edit a blog listing page like any other content page in HubSpot. Edit blogs right in the page editor (instead of the design manager) to add smart content, drag and drop elements, and see page analytics once published.

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Child Themes

Create subsets from any marketplace theme you acquire with this update. Child themes allow you to create a sub-theme based on the parent theme. Use it to make customizations, add JavaScript, CSS, and more without altering the parent theme. Any changes or styling that developers make to the parent theme can be inherited and applied to the child theme.

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VS Code HubL Linting

We know developers (that’s you!) tend to couple our Microsoft visual studio code extension with HubL to write code and template out sites. Our update works within the Microsoft visual studio code extension to check your HubL parameters and “lint” your code for errors.

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Marketing Hub

Email Saved Sections

If there are marketing email layouts and sections you’d like to reuse or copy into future emails, you’re in luck. You can now easily create and save sections for reuse in the marketing email editor. Save assets like headers, footers, body copy modules and reuse them for yourself or across your team.

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Partitioning of Ad Accounts

Running multiple ad accounts within HubSpot means multiple teams and users having access to sensitive information. Ensure who has the right access to the right accounts by assigning ad accounts by team and user. In the Ads app, you can now also filter by team or user to see assigned ad accounts.

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New Read and Write User Roles for Campaigns

We’ve introduced a brand new set of user roles governing access to the marketing campaigns tool, calendar, and tasks. These permissions help you grant read and write access on a user-by-user basis. Simply navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > click on the user and then scroll down to marketing tools.

new campaigns read and write user roles

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Service Hub

Trigger Conversations & Associated Ticket Workflows

Tickets and conversations are used in tandem to keep track of issues and projects. Now you can trigger actions based on ticket data associated with a conversation or vice versa. 


SCIM-powered OKTA Integration

As a business scales, and employees transition in and out of a company, user management becomes increasingly challenging. Our new Okta integration helps admins seamlessly create, update, or remove users from their HubSpot account directly from Okta. 

Access Requests

Marketers can request additional access to assets and tools in HubSpot with the new access request feature. Admins, we've got your back on this one too. It's easier than ever for you to grant access and adjust permissions the way you see fit.

Audit Logging

As an admin, you can now export a full list of actions taken in HubSpot, along with the associated timestamps, for extra visibility into your account activity.

Additional Activity Filters on Custom Object Record Pages

Locating information quickly makes a big difference when assisting prospects and clients. There’s often lots of valuable information on timelines, so being able to filter and search can help you find things faster. Now you can filter timeline activity on custom object record pages by the user or team who created the activity, as well as by keyword or phrase.

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Pin Activities on Custom Object Record Pages

Pin an activity to the top of a custom object record's activity timeline for easy access. Keep track of activities with just a few clicks.

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New Activity Association Selector

Providing you with a better picture of your customer journey is one of our goals. You can now choose records to associate with your activities and custom objects with the new activity association selector. Often, the way you work with customers or prospects involves a custom object, like a service record, a shipment, or a physical asset. Seeing what interactions have occurred in relation to those records is crucial to have a complete picture.

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Import/Export Translations

Global customers can now request an exported file in their language, with headers translated automatically. If you import a file with translated headers, HubSpot will determine which property to map based on a translation.


Sales Hub

Enroll In Sequences Workflow Action

This next feature helps you trigger a contact for automatic enrollment in a sales or service sequence. Reps, think of the long game here, a few steps ahead in your customer’s journey. Consider automatically enrolling new inbound leads into a rep conversation sequence. Maybe trigger a sequence based on a field or status change. Staying ahead of the game just got easier.

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Repeating Tasks

The new repeating tasks feature increases sales rep efficiency by automating tasks that help them stay up to date with a customer. Users now have the option when creating a task to set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or at a custom interval. 

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Zoom Integration for Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot users with the Zoom integration can now leverage conversation intelligence. Conversation intelligence will automatically provide transcripts and cloud recordings. Previously in public beta, this feature is officially live.

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Improvements to Transcription Quality for Conversation Intelligence

Provide feedback on the quality of your call transcripts, helping us enhance your transcript quality moving forward. Flag transcripts as “useful” or “not useful” and see improved functionality on terms specific to your industry.

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New Sequences Overview Page

Sales reps now have a new homepage for Sequences. This overview page summarizes your performance including the list of contacts enrolled in your sequences, click-through rate, and more advanced analytics.


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App Marketplace + July Featured Collection

Introduced last month, the app marketplaces helps you connect your favorite tools to HubSpot. This month, we premiered a collection of Privacy, Security & Control apps. Take advantage of cookie control, privacy law compliance screens, and brand protection for added data security.

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