The Complete List of March 2021 Product Updates

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Joe Mayall
Joe Mayall


Welcome back to our Product Spotlight! This blog is a full rundown of what’s new at HubSpot, from tools to adjustments. Let’s review our March updates. Ready? Okay, let’s dive in!


Insights and Data Tools

There’s no doubt that insight-driven strategies create stronger campaigns, opportunities, and outcomes. Boost your strategies with our top stat-generating tools. 

Custom Report Builder

First up, our new custom report builder leverages your CRM contact, company, and deal data, plus your marketing, sales, and service performance stats to build reports. It’s comfortable and straightforward - easy enough for a beginner and powerful enough for an analyst - so everyone on your team can answer their key questions.

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Conversation Intelligence

Our conversation intelligence tool empowers you to coach your team with call data and insights. Automatic recording, transcription, and call analysis will help you better understand where your team’s calls are going right and where there’s room for improvement. Conversation intelligence also has Zoom integration and allows you to track when specific keywords are mentioned. Keyword mentions are then automatically logged and available in our report builder, for simple processing. Analyze more calls, faster, to help you identify and recreate patterns of success.

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Deal Create Attribution

If you’re looking to convert a current subscriber or prospect into a customer, we’ve got you covered. Deal create attribution measures everything that transpires up to the point of a sale to better understand marketing's effectiveness in generating and nurturing leads before a sales handoff.


Marketing Hub

Tasks for Marketing Teams

Marketing Tasks is a centralized channel for communication and shared space to track campaign progress. Create and assign tasks, add due dates, link assets, write notes, and track progress all in one space to guarantee your campaign is a victory.

We say “boo” to interrupting workflow, so you can access the collaboration sidebar no matter where in the marketing hub you are. Tasks are also visible in our reinvented calendar, inclusive of campaign information like marketing assets, tasks, and which dates they’re scheduled for.

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Bulk Image Import

Manually downloading and uploading individual images from your old website and around the net can be a drag. Get your website up and running as fast as possible. With bulk image import, write in any external URL into the files sidebar and we’ll save that page’s images for you. All images are bulk uploaded to the files tool for fast retrieval.

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Filter and Search for Files by File Type

Adding pre-saved content to your site but can’t remember your file name? Search and filter by file type to find images, videos, and more. Just add in a keyword, extension, or both to search.

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New Blog Onboarding Experience

Polish off your website and target potential sales with a blog. Blogs are an effective, marketing-approved, and time-tested way to show your customers you know your stuff. We’ve created an updated, yet more familiar process for setting up your first blog that mirrors the experience you get when setting up your first landing or website page.

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Contextual Rich Text Toolbar

We’re all about making your website editing experience smoother than silk. Our editing and styling options within the rich text toolbar are now contextual to what you have selected - from CTAs to embedded items, images, or text. It’s all in the details for us.

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New Starter Landing Page Templates

Last, but not least, we’ve added eight new starter landing page templates. Choose from more landing page options for an engaging, effective conversion point.

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Sales Hub

Call Review on Mobile [iOS Only]

Effortlessly coach your teams on the go with mobile call review. You can access your recorded calls, play, pause, skip ahead, comment, and view transcripts right from the Mobile App.

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New Calling Widget

We’ve simplified our calling widget so you can immediately place a call to a number with previous settings, go to a pre-call screen to add notes and adjustments, and drag and drop as you’d like.

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Forecast Submissions

Give your leadership team a custom, CRM-integrated look into where you think the team will land. You can now submit a forecast of your anticipated monthly and quarterly closings directly in HubSpot. Buh-bye to Excel for good!

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Service Hub

Enhanced Chatflow Editor Experience

Our chatflows tool has had a facelift for user navigation consistent with our other editor tools. We’ve added a horizontal navigation bar, expandable Build and Display tab settings, and a chat widget. Consistency is key, am I right?

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Send Email Without Completing a Task

Now you have the option to send an email to someone without completing the task associated with that email send. More control over your processes equals more time saved. Let’s queue that sigh of relief!

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What Else Is New in HubSpot?

Conversation Based Workflows

This workflow tool can automate activities, actions, and general workflows built from your marketing, sales, and service chats. Set up reminders, create tickets, trigger emails, notifications, and more based on your customer conversations.

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Internal Notes on Meeting Activities

About to hop on a call, but feel either out of the loop or wanting to convey background context? Meeting activities now have space for your and your team to leave internal notes invisible to outside attendees.

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Shareable Achievement Pages for HubSpot Academy Certifications

You’re a learned, skilled professional, so let the world know! Show off your HubSpot Academy certifications with custom, shareable achievements pages. Link these pages in your LinkedIn profile, resume, and email signatures for an expert touch.

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