May was a great month for improvements in HubSpot. You'll see updates to almost every Hub as we strive to make the tools you use on a daily basis even better. 

Here’s what’s new in HubSpot this month.



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What’s New in Marketing Hub?

Drag and drop marketing email editor now live in all accounts

Creating beautiful emails has never been easier now that the drag and drop marketing email editor is in all accounts, including Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise. You’ll also have complete functionality with the tools that you’d expect to be in the drag and drop editor, features like smart content, blog/RSS emails, and double opt-in and re-subscription emails. 

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers who use the drag and drop email editor see a 12% higher publish rate than Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers using the classic email editor. We’ve also seen that customers using the drag and drop email editor save on average 12 minutes of time when creating and publishing email. 

gif drag and drop editor

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4 improvements to the campaigns tool

To make it easier to scan your campaigns at a glance, we've added expandable cards that give you both quick and important information, as well as the ability to drill down to see more. The cards expand to show the same asset breakdown that has always been in your reports, but it’s now much easier to get a quick birds-eye view.  

Improved report scannability

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To report on all sources for better campaign reporting, we've added support for all sources in one unified "Traffic" card. This way, you can drill down into social, paid social, email, and more. You'll be able to view the specific utm parameters within a source bucket that generated traffic.
Tracking URL visibility and reporting
To make the initial campaign setup faster for you, now you can associate or disassociate multiple assets from one place, saving you time to get your campaigns up and running faster.
Unified asset associations
Finally, we've included a progress bar so that you can see exactly how long it'll take to clone a campaign. Prior to this update, there was no indication that let you know what was happening behind the scenes when cloning a campaign. 
campaign cloning

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Import URL redirects with the new CSV import option.

URL redirects are an important tool for keeping your site easy to navigate for visitors and crawlers. Maintaining your redirects can be tricky, but it's now a lot easier with the newly updated URL redirects tool. With this update, you can import redirects with the new CSV import option, edit or delete redirects in bulk, and customize the column layout. Plus, we’ve added new user permissions for managing your URL redirects. Now you can control who can view and edit your redirects to make sure everyone has the access they need.

URL Redirects 1

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Get an activity log of those who have CMS membership.

Using CMS memberships, you can create restricted content that your users can access by logging in. In the past, if your users ran into issues accessing the content, it was hard to help without visibility into their past interactions. With the CMS memberships activity log, you can export a simple  CSV that contains activity information like registration status, date and time of the interaction, and which domain the user was in when they were trying to log in. Now you have the tools to help identify and resolve CMS memberships issues quickly.

CMS Memberships 1

See what's new in CMS membership

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What’s New in Sales Hub?

Get better reporting on your sequences.

When you're sending sequences, its always better to understand who's engaging with your emails so that you can improve them over the long term. Now, you can keep track of each template’s performance AND see the open, click, and bounce rates for each sequence in its entirety. This means you can get even smarter about honing in on the best-performing templates and sequences.  

Sequence Reporting

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Take control of your playbooks across multiple calls or meetings with a prospect.

For busy sales reps, you know how precious time is when you're working with multiple calls. Now, you use a playbook across multiple calls or meetings with a given prospect without losing your previous notes and answers, saving you time to provide more value to your prospects. 

Conquer the day with playbooks.

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View LinkedIn insights without having to leave HubSpot.

To save you time, we've added the ability to see relevant LinkedIn sales insights data right from the contact record. You'll also be able to seamlessly send InMail without ever leaving HubSpot. 


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What’s New in HubSpot CRM?

Get a better holistic view of your CRM record with the new design. 

You'll might know that back in December we introduced a new CRM record into beta. The new CRM record is more streamlined, fitting more customer context into less space. It features a three column layout, a fresh new communicator, and a brand new associated record preview.

Since we launched the new record, your feedback has been steady and positive. Over 6,000 HubSpot users have submitted feedback on the new design, with fewer than one out of eight responses being negative.

Take your CRM to the next level. 

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What’s New in HubSpot Connect?

Trigger Asana tasks creation with HubSpot workflows. 

HubSpot workflows automate repetitive tasks, like sending emails and updating fields, so you can spend time on more important things. Today, workflows is the engine that powers HubSpot. Your workflows use triggers to automate HubSpot actions, like triggering an email based on a form submission or sending a sales notification based on a pricing page view.

Tomorrow, workflows will be the engine that powers your whole business. In a world of ever-growing customer expectations, you might need more than just HubSpot to create great experiences for your customers. Moving forward, workflows will automate your process and your customer interactions in every tool you use, not just HubSpot.

One new example is the ability to create tasks in Asana using HubSpot workflows. Learn more here.  

And that's a wrap! Tune in next month to see what's new in HubSpot. 

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Originally published Jun 5, 2019 11:28:20 AM, updated July 15 2019