The Complete List of May 2021 Product Updates

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Ellie Eberly
Ellie Eberly



Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features and tools you can now take advantage of. Drumroll please….



Files Recycle Bin

Accidentally deleted a document in your files tool? Or maybe deleted it too soon? It can be stressful when things permanently “poof!” and disappear. Well, take a deep breath and exhale. Just hit the new “Recycle Bin” button to restore a file up to 90 days after it was deleted. Phew!

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Click here to use your recycling bin.

Export Recommendations from SEO Audit Tool

Our SEO audit tool now lets you export and send SEO recommendations. Use the “Actions” button to generate a CSV file of SEO recommendations for your developer.

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Click here to start your SEO audit.

Geotargeting for the Cookie Banner

You can now define what countries you want your cookie policy banner to appear on. Click on “Settings,” then “Privacy and Consent” to manage and add policies. Address and adjust for differing cookie tracking laws by customizing policies per country (DACH region).

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Click here to customize your cookie banners.

Ad Source Rule for Smart Content on Pages

Smart content lets you dictate which audiences experience what content on your page. In addition to device type, CRM data, and location, you can now define smart content by ad source rule. With this update, you can create smart content rules based on the ads someone has clicked on to access a page.

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Click here to use ad source in smart content.

Brand Defaults Added to the Color Picker

Easily access your brand’s default colors while editing content. The brand colors that were previously set in the brand settings will now appear in the color picker within the page editor. A simple update, but a real winner!

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Click here to access your default brand colors.


A More Streamlined CRM Record

Look at how sleek and streamlined these redesigned CRM records are! Information on your activity timeline is now condensed and collapsable, so you can see more valuable data at once. Smaller highlight cards, collapsing carrots, and new slimmer association cards all mean less scrolling and more time enjoying the good stuff.

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Click here to check out your CRM records.

CRM Card Customization

You spoke, we listened. CRM card customization is now available! From now on, you define and decide what properties appear on board and association cards. Your chosen fields will serve as a default, consistently displaying the properties that matter most to you.

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Click here to customize your CRM cards.

Priority for Deals

Struggling to understand the importance and urgency of certain opportunities? Set the level of attention needed on a deal with the new default deal priority property. View priority property on deal boards in the "about this deal" section of the record sidebar.

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Click here to prioritize your deals.

Send 1:1 Emails from Custom Object Record Pages

Send one-on-one emails to contacts directly from custom object record pages. When assisting prospects or customers, you may need access to information stored on a custom object record. You can now email from within a custom object, so that you have all the context you need while composing your message.

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Click here.

Marketing Hub

Campaigns and Sequences Data in the Custom Report Builder

Your marketing team can now build custom reports with campaign and sequence data. Measure campaign performance and report on key metrics with greater ease and depth. Whip up reports on any campaign object or event - like landing pages, marketing emails, and more - to become the marketing master we all know you’re meant to be. 

Sales teams, we’ve got your back too! Create custom reports on sequence events - like opens and clicks - to better understand which sequences have been most successful. Your team will see exciting results as you unlock new insights on prospect and lead engagement.

Ready to get started?

Click here to build your custom reports.

Email Reply Tracking

We’ve noticed your marketing teams are increasingly focused on highly personalized messages, designing emails with the intention of eliciting customer responses. We’ve added functionality that better enables this type of marketing via a new email engagement event - email reply!

Service Hub

Knowledge Base Import & Export Improvements

Previously, Service Hub users could only import KB articles directly from four platforms: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Helpscout, and Intercom. But oh how things have changed...for the better! You can easily migrate to the KB from other platforms by using CSV. CSV also means exporting, so you can migrate KB content between different HubSpot portals too.

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Click here to download your KB file.


Your service and sales teams can now forecast their upgrading and renewal revenue. This feature enables deeper collaboration between sales and service, while giving revenue teams a more accurate picture of future revenue. It’s the kind of group project you won’t sour on.

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Click here access your forecasts.

Calling Navigation

This new feature helps you easily navigate around the contact record and CRM while still keeping the “call live’ and the “call window’ open.

Which of these updates will you be trying today? See you next month for more. Peace!


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