The Complete List of September 2018 Product Updates

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Jacqueline Renzi
Jacqueline Renzi



With autumn fast approaching comes a slew of new updates across the Marketing Hub and HubSpot CRM to make you and your entire team more effective and powerful and to help you grow better. Here’s what’s new in HubSpot this September:


What’s New in the Marketing Hub?

Check out some of these exciting new updates to the Marketing Hub.


See what your customers will see when previewing emails

When creating marketing emails within HubSpot, it’s important to ensure not only that all internal stakeholders are happy with what you're sending, but that your email looks great no matter what device or email client the end recipient will be viewing it on. This is because different email clients have their own rules regarding how they render marketing emails. Now within the new drag-and-drop email editor, Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can preview their emails in a variety of different email clients, giving them clarity on exactly how these emails will appear once they click Send.


Ready to master your marketing email strategy?

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Easily manage your brand’s social presence across multiple locations

Facebook locations lets you easily create a parent-child relationship between your location-specific Facebook pages and your corporate brand page. For example, a retail store with three different locations, each with their own Facebook page, will want to create content specific for those pages as well as their larger corporate brand page.

Managing the relationship between your many location-specific Facebook pages hasn’t always been easy within HubSpot. With this update, we’ll now include location-specific information on your account names so that you can easily differentiate between your pages in HubSpot.


Do you run location-specific Facebook pages?

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Quickly take advantage of your all-in-one lead conversion tools

The ability to use non-HubSpot forms to fill your CRM with leads lets you get started on HubSpot without having to change all the conversion points on your website. But as you continue using HubSpot’s tools, you eventually might want to start using HubSpot's native forms tool. With this update, you can now quickly and easily convert a non-HubSpot form into a native HubSpot form so you don’t have to manually go through the process of re-creating forms across your site. 


Want to learn more?

Go to the forms tool. 


What’s New in the CRM?

Ensure the Accuracy of Your Syncing Data with Salesforce

Having information sync seamlessly between HubSpot and Salesforce is integral to keeping your sales, marketing, and service teams on the same page when it comes to interactions with your customers. This becomes difficult to manage when there are discrepancies between the two systems. To ensure the accuracy of your data, all accounts integrated with Salesforce can now create company records in HubSpot that will automatically sync bi-directionally with their associated contact in HubSpot, just as you would expect them to.

Want to learn more?

Check out this blog post. 


What’s New in Conversations?

Check out some of these exciting new updates to HubSpot Conversations.


Easily Manage Deals via Conversations

With Conversations, you and your team can engage with prospects and customers the moment they’re most engaged. With the addition of the Deals card, you can follow up on those conversations. Sales reps can view, create, and manage deals while connecting to customers directly from the conversations inbox — making your teams more efficient and effective.


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Typing indicators and read receipts for live chat

Having in-person conversations gives you the benefit of having visual, audio, and social cues. But because live chat conversations are online, those cues need to have digital replacements. The more fluid and natural your conversations with prospects and customers, the better relationships you build. With typing indicators, you’ll know you’re not interrupting or “talking over” each other, and read receipts lets your customers know you’re present and engaged.


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That’s it for September! Stay tuned for our October updates.

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