How to Use Uberflip & HubSpot to Maximize Your Content's Impact

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Hana Abaza
Hana Abaza




We all know content is crucial to inbound marketing. It can reduce our cost per lead and help us drive business growth. 

However, between blogs, videos, social media, and ebooks, it's easy for content to appear fragmented, and it can be a challenge to direct our leads to the specific piece of content that we want them to consume next. Our job is to keep our leads engaged so they travel further down the marketing funnel. 


We're working on making that easier, specifically via our new Uberflip - HubSpot integration. Our goal is to help you provide an amazing content experience (for you and your audience!) that is tightly aligned with your lead nurturing strategy. 

This post will give you five ways you can create an exceptional content experience using this new integration. But before we jump in, let's answer an important question ... 

What is Uberflip?

Uberflip is a content marketing platform that lets you organize all your content in a format that helps you generate more leads and boost engagement with your current audience. You could use Uberflip to ... 

  1. Aggregate your content including blogs, videos, ebooks, social media in one place for your visitors

  2. Create custom content streams that target a specific buyer persona or topic

  3. Place contextual CTAs strategically throughout your content

  4. Compare different content types and measure CTA performance

As an example, the below image is what an Uberflip Hub might look like. Any visitor can click through to read the content in your Hub, and you can use Uberflip CTAs to direct them to additional content or web pages -- whatever you might want your visitors to do or see. 

Here's where it gets interesting. Measuring the effectiveness of your content is often one of the most challenging pieces. Uberflip addresses this by providing metrics on the performance of your content and CTAs, so you can identify which content is converting visitors into customers the best.

The HubSpot integration takes this to the next level, feeding engagement data from your Uberflip Hub directly to your HubSpot account. Check out the Uberflip’s content Hub to see an example, or learn more about how Uberflip and HubSpot work together.

Now let's put the pieces together. 

5 Ways to Use Uberflip & HubSpot to Improve Your Content's Impact

Since we at Uberflip are also HubSpot users ourselves, we’ve put together a list that shows how we use the integration to improve the impact of our content on our marketing. 

1. Create In-Content CTAs to Direct Readers to Premium Content

Using landing pages and forms to collect new leads is no foreign concept, but usually those forms are limited to landing pages. What if you could generate leads or Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) from within an ebook itself?

Uberflip can help you generate new leads without needing to direct your reader away from the content. How do you do this? First create a CTA that lives within your content (either in your content stream or beside an individual piece of content). You then can use a tool called a Success CTA to provide access to the content right after the visitor has filled out the form. 

From here, every time someone fills out the form, their information feeds directly into HubSpot so you can trigger a campaign or generally gain more insight into how people are interacting with your content. The data will show you which CTA was filled out and which piece of content was accessed. Why not use it to better tailor the lead nurture process?

2. Put CTAs in Your Content to Collect Subscribers

We all want more subscribers. Why not ask someone to subscribe to future content within your content itself?

In your Uberflip Hub, you can do this by adding a form CTA throughout your content encouraging users to subscribe, or you can add it as an overlay. Once a new person subscribes, you can automate a HubSpot campaign using an RSS feed provided by Uberflip to keep people abreast with new content as it is posted. 

3. Create a CTA That Links to a HubSpot Landing Page

Want to link to a HubSpot landing page directly? Create a link CTA in your Uberflip Hub. Add the destination URL for the HubSpot landing page and you’re ready to go! 

4. Change Lead Scoring Based on Content Consumption

Do you do lead scoring today? You can use Uberflip metrics to better predict which leads are most valuable to your sales team. For example, imagine 50% of the people who downloaded your newest ebook have become customers, and that is a much higher conversion than all your other ebooks. Use that data to adjust your lead scores. Give a higher score to those leads who read that specific ebook to indicate it might be a hotter lead for sales. 

To do this in HubSpot, set up a workflow that triggers when someone downloads a particular piece of Uberflip content. When someone fills out the form associated with that content, tell the workflow to "increment the value" of a lead's HubSpot Score. You can choose whatever value you want for that added score. You can also use workflows to notify a sales rep whenever a lead converted on that piece of Uberflip content. 


5. Understand the Types of Content Your Leads Prefer

Each Uberflip conversion is recorded in the HubSpot Contacts Database. Since Uberflip brings together a wide range of content types from photos to blog articles, you can start to see what type of content each contact likes best, as well as how active they are with your content.

Do you have a sense for the level of engagement that might indicate a lead is ready for sales? If so, use this data to trigger a workflow to update their contact profile. For example, if a lead has viewed more than 134 articles, change their lifecycle stage to a marketing qualified lead. 

Ready to get started?

The Uberflip-Hubspot integration is available to all HubSpot Customers (Basic, Pro, Enterprise) as long as you have an Uberflip account. Although typically available at Uberflip's Plus offering, as an introductory promotion the integration is available on all Uberflip packages starting at $49.95 per month. Not using Uberflip yet? You can get started here.

What do you think of the integration? How would you imagine using it? Share it with us in the comments!

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