5 Online Talks on Career-Building for Marketing & Sales Pros [Video Series]

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Andrea Francis
Andrea Francis



This post originally appeared on the HubSpot Marketing Blog.


“Always be learning."

It's a simple yet powerful statement for anyone in today's workforce. Think about it: When you were 22, did you imagine that you'd be where you are today? What experiences have you had? What have you learned? And what do you still want to learn?

From the moment we enter the working world, we are faced with challenges -- solving complex problems, growing a team, improving how our companies do business -- that require us to continually grow our existing skill sets. And with business technologies continuing to evolve, what you knew yesterday might not be enough to get you through the challenges that arise tomorrow. 

In the spirit of learning and growing, HubSpot Academy is running World Certification Week: A week of inspiring and educational talks broadcast on Google Hangouts, where you can tune into topics on:

  • Career development in sales and marketing
  • Growing from a startup to a scalable business
  • Training and skilling up in a fast-moving world
  • How to create and use educational content
  • Understanding the full customer lifecycle

Join HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and eight other global leaders over five days -- from May 23rd – 27th -- for a 30-minute Hangout a day.


Each hangout will only be available for 24 hours during the weeklong event, so don't miss out on all the knowledge. Click here to sign up.

P.S. Register for a HubSpot Academy certification course while you wait!

Check out HubSpot Academy's free courses. Learn at your own pace.

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