Shopping cart abandonment is a problem common to many eCommerce stores. If you’re reading this and you’re an eCommerce merchant, chances are your eCommerce business is experiencing or will experience shopping cart abandonment. Don’t ignore the situation, or you will run the risk of missing out on a potential honeypot of new and repeat customers. Follow the necessary steps to prevent shopping cart abandonment and guide shoppers to complete the sale.

There are many ways to nurture leads and encourage them to complete their transaction. We’re going to give you a walk through as to why shopping cart abandonment occurs, how to approach customers who have abandoned their carts, and tips on how to continue building relationships through our guide, The Zen of Recovering Abandoned Carts In Magento With HubSpot.

The first step to recovering abandoned shopping carts is to discover the reasons that your customers abandoned their carts in the first place. The infographic below lists 8 common reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

8 Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Pinpointing the reasons that customers are abandoning their carts will help you employ the proper abandoned cart recovery strategies to guide your customers to complete a transaction. Each abandoned cart scenario should be approached differently to effectively push your customers down the sales funnel.

eCommerce merchants can no longer expect to treat online shoppers equally during the “Age of the Consumer”. Increased competition and millions of existing distractions require eCommerce merchants to create exceptionally tailored shopping experiences.

The same concept applies to shopping cart abandonment nurturing strategies. Online shoppers who abandon shopping carts after being surprised of taxes and shipping costs should not be contacted in the same manner as shoppers who simply walked away from their computer without completing the purchase.

The shoppers who abandoned their carts due to unexpected costs should be sent emails with an incentive, such as a discount code or free shipping. This consumer data also prompts online merchants to provide shipping costs on product pages to give shoppers an estimate of their total before reaching the checkout process.

Customers that abandon their shopping carts by walking away from their computer could simply be sent an email reminder with images of the items linking back to the product page. Including sense of urgency in the email will prompt them to quickly make the purchase.

It may sound difficult to target customers based on specific behavior, but resources are available to efficiently and effectively segment customers to create a tailored experience. You have to give your shopping cart a fighting chance. Unlike a B2B sales rep, that can use human intuition to customize the buying experience and overcome objections, ecommerce companies have just one sales rep -- their shopping cart -- that has to be empowered to create a customized buying experience for thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of real, live, unique individuals each month.

Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Nurturing Magento

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Originally published May 5, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated October 30 2019


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