Creating a Coffee Craze: Inside Blue Bottle Coffee's Growth Strategy [Podcast]

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Dave Gerhardt
Dave Gerhardt




Mmm, coffee.

I'd bet that most people reading this probably drink it everyday. And while some people are very particular about how they like their coffee -- others don't care as long as it's caffeinated. 

But there's one particular brand of coffee that has caught the eye taste buds of Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, and Silicon Valley's top investors such as Chris Sacca: Blue Bottle Coffee. Retail brands like Blue Bottle Coffee typically aren't attractive for venture capitalists, but there's something about the beans at Blue Bottle Coffee that has investors willing to break their own rules.  

James Freeman, the company's founder and CEO -- who started off roasting coffee as a hobby in his kitchen -- joins HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe on this episode of The Growth Show to talk about how Blue Bottle Coffee has created a craze that has people lining up down the street. On this episode they'll also cover:

  • Why Blue Bottle doesn't want to become the next huge chain like Starbucks
  • How they maintain both high quality coffee and employees as they scale
  • How they strive to win by being the best, not the biggest
  • The importance of keeping things simple
  • Everything you need to know to make the perfect cup of Joe at home

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