When you write a blog post, how much effort do you put into the title?

All too often, the answer to this question is "Not much at all." Either writers are settling on their working title for the sake of time, or they're spending just a minute or two tweaking it before pressing "publish" -- no experimentation with multiple iterations or consultation with anyone else.

Sound familiar? Then you're neglecting a critical component of your content strategy. Think about how many more people read the title of your blog post than who click through to actually read it. It's the very first impression you can make on people -- and, often, it's the deciding factor for whether or not they'll read your post at all.

One crucial way to get more people to read your blog posts is by writing effective titles and headlines. But we know that's easier said than done -- which is why we teamed up with Market Domination Media to create the infographic below. Check it out to learn which words drive people to click on your content, engage with it, and convert into leads and customer. You'll also learn which title length is best for social, for search, for clickthrough rate, and for best post-click engagement.

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Share This Image on Your Site

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Originally published May 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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