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Everything You Need to Know about E-Commerce Websites

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Applying Growth-Driven Design to Ecommerce Websites

The use of Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is an effective, dynamic marketing approach. Unlike traditional web design, which can be hypothesis-based and largely static, GDD is dynamic, evolutionary, and...Read more

Safety First: The Basics of Website Security for Ecommerce Retailers

For ecommerce retailers, website security is the cornerstone of a successful online business. Why? It's simple: people only want to give their money and their business to companies and organizations...Read more

3 Musts to Get Your Ecommerce Site Mobile Friendly by the Holidays

According to NRF, 25 million holiday shoppers said they would specifically use their mobile device to shop online on Cyber Monday this year. That is a big chunk of the expected $116 billion...Read more

17 Ways to Prep Your Ecommerce Site for the Holiday Rush

The holidays are coming quickly. Are you ready? Maybe you’ve already started your prep work so you won’t struggle when the orders start rolling in. If not, now’s the time to start decking the halls....Read more

13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website

There are a lot of things I used to buy in person that I now buy online. I wouldn't call myself lazy, but it's just so much easier to carry a box of paper towels from my doorstep into my apartment...Read more

How to Create the Perfect Checkout Page [Infographic]

68% of all ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping carts – leaving $4 trillion of abandoned merchandize behind. But don’t despair – according to BI Intelligence, roughly 2.5 trillion (or 63%) of...Read more

11 Critical Elements of Effective Ecommerce Checkout Pages

We’ve talked about how to avoid abandoned carts and how to get those customers back again. What you may have learned from those earlier blog posts is that the checkout page is pretty important. In...Read more

The Anatomy of an Inbound Ecommerce Website

This post originally appeared on the Ecommerce section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the Ecommerce section. The parts of a well-designed ecommerce site are many and...Read more

Smartphone Traffic to Ecommerce Sites Up 103% Since 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

How important is mobile optimization to your ecommerce website? If going mobile isn't already one of your priorities this year, you might want to clear some space in your strategy for it. The...Read more

How to Design an Ecommerce Website Experience Your Shoppers Adore

While many online shopping experiences are smooth sailing, others can range anywhere from mildly frustrating to just plain cringe-inducing ... and unfortunately those hair-pulling experiences end up...Read more

Facebook Now Testing Offer 'Coupons' for Ecommerce Sites, Too!

Last week, we wrote about some pretty cool news from Facebook -- it's testing coupons called 'Offers' for brick-and-mortar stores, helping local businesses better associate ROI with their Facebook...Read more