18 Facebook Post Ideas for New Home Builders

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Spencer Powell
Spencer Powell



As a new home builder, you're in a great position to take advantage of social media.  Why? It's the photos! People LOVE photos of homes, both inside and out.

However, you're probably looking for some other ideas too so that your Facebook profile doesn't become stagnant.  Below, I've put together a list of a 18 Facebook post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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1) Share New Home Photos as Albums

Home buyers LOVE photos!  If you complete a new custom home or a new build in a community, get some professional photos taken and load them onto your Facebook page.  In this industry, you can never have enough photos.  Here's an example from Gerber Homes in Rochester, New York.


2) Run Caption Contests with Your Photos

Caption contents are a fun way to work on engagement with your audience.  How many of your Facebook posts collect loads of likes, comments and shares?  My guess is not too many.  Caption contests will help!  Here's an example from the HBA of Central Missouri.


3) Ask Questions with Your Photos

Asking questions can be another great way to get some engagement with your fans.  Asking open ended questions can work, but if you can provide your fans with options, your engagement will increase even more.  Here's an example from Hallmark Homes.


4) Post Employee Birthdays or Company Anniversaries

Posting employee birthdays or company anniversaries helps show the human side of your company.  Often times, these posts get the most engagement because they are about real people.  Here's an example from Country Classics.

country classics birthday

5) Run Contests

Contests take a little more work, especially if you want them to act as a lead capture tool, but they can be extremely successful in terms of getting your current audience engaged as well as attracting new people to your page.  Here's an example from David Weekly Homes.

david weekly homes contest

6) Post Community Updates

When someone buys a home, they are also buying into the community.  It's important to share what's going on in the community.  Sharing grand openings, new neighbors, and community activities are great pieces of content to share.  Here's an example from Classic Homes.

classic homes community update

7) Offer Seasonal Tips

Offering seasonal tips and advice to homeowners is a great way to add value and an even better way to avoid always selling on your Facebook page.  Give away helpful advice to your followers.  Here's a great example from CBH Homes.

cbh homes video tip

8) Post About the Local Area

Sharing information about the local area gives homeowners or prospective buyers a sense of the area and is an extremely important part of the research process.  Here's an example from Crystal Springs Builders.

crystal springs builders local area

9) Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes posts are fun and interesting.  This is another way to showcase the human side of your business and give your audience an inside look into your team, your process or your office!  Here's an example from Eastwood Homes.

eastwood homes behind scenes

10) Employee Interviews

Employee interviews are fun!  Again, just another great way to give your audience an inside look.  Here's an example from Epcon Communities.

epcon communities employee interview

11) Client Testimonial Videos

Testimonials provide your audience with social proof.  As home buyers look at different competitors and areas, you want them to be able to hear from past clients.  Here's an example from Ideal Homes.

ideal homes testimonial

12) Video Tours

This is one of the best types of posts you can invest in.  People today absolutely devour videos.  Pair that with a completed new home and you've got a recipe for lots of views!  Here's an example from ICI Homes.

ici homes video tour

13) Share New Floor Plans

Home buyers love looking at floor plans.  They want to picture their current furniture in their new home.  They want to imagine buying new furniture, setting up, and getting settled in.  Give them that opportunity!  Here's an example from Essex Homes.

essex homes floor plan

14) Promote Open Houses

Your Facebook page is a great place to share when you've got an open house coming up...or ending.  Share photos pre-event or post-event.  You can use this as a way to get people to pre-register as well.  Here's an example from Capital Home Builders.

capital home builders open house

15) Share Blog Content

Are you blogging?  If not, you should be!  If you are blogging, your Facebook page is a great way to share that content.  Here's an example from Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers.

sunwood development blog post facebook

16) Share Premium Content

If you have valuable e-books, checklists or guides, Facebook can be an excellent way to get that piece of content in front of more people.  Here's an example from Liberty Homes Custom Builders.

liberty homes facebook premium content

 17) Just for Fun Posts

Not everything needs to be about you!  Create some just for fun posts to throw into your mix of Facebook posts.  Here's an example from Ashton Woods.

ashton woods holiday

18) Share Awards

It's not a bad thing to brag a little bit - just don't make these types of posts the majority.  Share awards that you've won and put some team members in the spotlight.  Here's an example from Daniel DeVol Custom Builder.

daniel devol custom homes awards


So, what do you think?  Are you fired up to create some new posts and add them into your social media calendar?  I hope so!  Feel free to share any other types of posts you've found to be effective down in the comments section.

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