Ready to Play Some Business Babble Bingo? [Free Customizable Bingo Cards]

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Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



business-babble-bingo-imageYou know the best part of a meeting?

When it ends.

If it's dragging on, and walking out mid-meeting is too brazen for your taste (fair), how about a covert game of Business Babble Bingo to keep your attention? You can make it look like you're taking notes. It's foolproof.

I grabbed my fellow business-babble-averse co-worker Shannon Johnson, and hammered out a list of the 85 most egregious business babble buzzwords. Then I created some Bingo cards -- available for you to print out or just save to your desktop -- in this form-free, downloadable PowerPoint. Here's a preview of one of the filled-in cards for you:

bingo card template

You can also customize the cards to include your own Bingo words. So if your boss has a turn of phrase that really grinds your gears, feel free to add it into your cards before you start playing. I'll leave it up to you how strict you want to be with the exact phrases -- for instance I, personally, would accept "synergistic" just as easily as "synergy." But your call.

P.S. If you're running the meetings, and you notice the Bingo cards popping out, you might have a meeting-crisis on your hands. Check out this blog post on how to run a more efficient, more useful marketing meeting.

What's your most reviled business babble word or phrase?

business babble bingo

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