booksEditor's Note: Since this post was published, Google has removed Authorship functionality entirely. Read more here.

Google authorship is a hugely beneficial integration for prolific online content creators that can help boost SERP clickthrough rates, author and site visibility, and page views.

But what happens if you write for multiple sites? Or if you leave a company, and start writing elsewhere?

Good news -- you can claim authorship for multiple sites! So whether you guest blog, change jobs and start writing for different companies, or maintain your own personal blog, you can reap the authorship benefits for any and all of the above.

Here's how you can have your handsome mug appear for multiple domains:



So, how does one do this? Simple!

1) Go to your Google Plus “Profile” page.


2) Click on “About.”


3) Scroll down to the “Links” section and click “Edit.”


4) Add the websites or blogs to where you publish content and click “Save.”


And that’s it! Keep in mind that you’ll need to add the “rel=author” tag on the blog posts that you publish from the domains you add. Otherwise, your Google+ profile won’t be able to crawl the posts you’ve published. (Note: If you're using HubSpot, this is as simple as adding your Google+ profile URL to your author profile.) 

Originally published Mar 6, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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