How to Make a Visual Call-to-Action for Social Media [Quick Tip]

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Ginny Mineo
Ginny Mineo



social_media_image_ctasOne of the most popular social media tips people give is "Make sure you include an engaging image in your posts" ... but what does that actually mean? If you're trying to generate leads with social media, do you need to include a certain type of image to do so? Or is simply including an image enough to increase engagement?

how to generate leads through visual calls-to-action on social media

Lots of people take the latter path ... but think about it for a second. If you're slapping up any image on social media, you're losing out on valuable lead generation real estate. What if, instead, you used that image as a visual call-to-action to help you get even more clicks, leads, and customers? That'd be pretty cool, huh?

But generating leads from visuals on social media isn't as simple as attaching a bright red "Download Your Ebook Here" CTA button. Because of the way social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ display images, users can't just click on an image to be taken to your landing page. You've got to use images to spur clicks on the link in the copy of your post. 

Basically, there's a huge opportunity to optimize social media images to help generate leads, but we just have to be very particular about how we use them. We'll walk you through every part of creating a social media call-to-action image below so you can generate even more leads from your social media accounts. Let's get on with it. 

The Resources You'll Need

First things first -- you need the right resources to create and optimize a call-to-action for social media. Here's what you need:

Now, let's get started. 

How to Make an Effective Visual Call-to-Action for Social Media

1) Set your background to fit the social network's photo dimensions.

We're going to do a Facebook Cover Photo in this example (an 815 x 351 picture). Resize your photos to work best for the social network you're on (here's how you can resize backgrounds in PowerPoint).


2) Add copy to the photo to communicate what marketing offer you're promoting.

Be clear about what you're offering here. For instance, if it's an ebook, call it an ebook. People won't like feeling duped if they see one thing on the social media image and another on your landing page. 


3) Add visual imagery to explain the offer.

Whether you decide to use a stock photo, a Creative Commons photo, or an icon, make sure your visual is ... well ... visual. Since the marketing offer I am promoting is our free icon set, I will go ahead and use the icons.  


4) Add a call-to-action to the image.

This is probably the most important part of your social media image, as it will instruct users how to get your free download. Notice in the image below that I don't say "Click Here to Get Your Offer." This is because, technically, users can't just click on the photo to get the offer. Be explicit here, and clicks will increase.


5) Group your images and then save them as a picture.


6) When uploading your image to social media, don't forget to add a shortened link to the offer in the accompanying text.

This will allow you to track your content even more effectively than before. 


And voila! You've got a call-to-action image that's prepped and ready for any social network you like. :)

Image credit: LUH 3417

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