20 Skills You Won't Believe You Can Endorse People for on LinkedIn

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



When LinkedIn first came out with endorsements, my friend and I were talking about funny endorsements we could give each other: shirking responsibility; looking busy; passing the buck.

We were saddened to learn LinkedIn doesn't let you make up your own silly endorsements. But I learned soon thereafter you don't need to make up endorsements in order to have some fun with your connections. When I saw that same friend's hilariously terrible childhood video, I went to LinkedIn to endorse him for "acting." The juxtaposition was hilarious to us, and we started to see what other skills we could endorse people for. The sheer span of available endorsements was remarkable.

What these skills really speak to is the ubiquity of LinkedIn. The network has long since expanded beyond the realm of those in marketing, digital, social, sales, etc. -- people in every industry are now touting their professional prowess and charting their careers on LinkedIn.

Still, it doesn't change the surprise and pure entertainment I experienced when I saw some of these terms populate as skills and endorsements I could send to my friends. Take a look, and maybe spend some time messing with your buddies:

20 LinkedIn Endorsements You Probably Didn't Know About

1) Counting

I, for example, have proven ability to count to at least twenty. 

2) Spring Cleaning

A useful recommendation for employees of residential cleaning companies, but way more fun when used as a tool of passive aggressive communication between significant others.

3) Fire Eating

Does eating a lot of Sriracha count? If so, you can definitely endorse me for this one.

4) Punching

Proof positive LinkedIn isn't just for office workers anymore.

5) Small Talk

Probably also endorsed for "weather" and "how bout them [Insert Sports Team]."

6) Order Taking

I wonder if coordinating an office lunch delivery counts ...

7) Javelin

I've actually used this one. I endorsed my friend for this one after she randomly mentioned that her "old javelin injury" was acting up.

8) Eating

For professional eaters, I guess? Sounds like a good gig.

9) Snacks

For the professional eater's day off.

10) Chewing Gum

Another endorsement full of passive aggressive communication potential.

11) Halloween

If you're endorsed for this, I'd like to be your friend.

12) Memes

Appropriate for basically every millennial.

13) Drinking Water

I first read this as endorsing someone for their ability to drink water really, really well. Because of our work with charity: water, though, I realized LinkedIn endorsements can cover subject-matter expertise, too. Pretty cool.

14) Moving Up

I took this to mean someone who's good at moving up within an organization. I guess that could be something to brag about?

15) Chilled Water

For what it's worth, you can also endorse for "hot water."

16) Flexible Approach to Work

Not something I'd choose to highlight on my own resume.

17) Tween

In a cruel twist, LinkedIn doesn't provide an endorsement for "Belieber."

18) Smoothies

It's an art form, really.

19) Showers

Hold on, just dialing HR ...

20) Breathing

Probably great for ear, nose & throat doctors -- not so great for me during a run.

Alright, which friend are you going to mess with on LinkedIn? And if I missed any other funny ones, share them in the comments, please!

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