Magazines and Social Media: From the News Stand to the News Feed

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Greg Brown
Greg Brown



 Magazine and Social Media

For the most part, publishers no longer question the merit of dedicating time and effort to social media. Time and time again Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms have proven their worth for everything for content distribution, audience engagement, and more. 

That said, simply reposting every article you publish and hoping for the best does not constitute a sound social strategy. Instead, publishers need to consider the types of interactions that matter most to their online audienceand use that to fuel their decisions around what and where to share. 

To help you understand what readers want to see and engage with on social media, Ritter's Communciation compiled some stellar social stats to help you get started.


Interested in learning more about which social networks are right for your publication? Take a look at our social media suggestions for media companies, and let us know where you dedicate your social efforts in the comments below. 

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