5 Mobile Apps Nonprofits Can Use to Boost Donations

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Taylor Corrado
Taylor Corrado



Mobile engagement and website traffic are increasing considerably for brands of all kinds and sizes. What does this mean for your organization? Well, that it's time to start thinking about how to engage your current and future constituent base on any and all devices.

Younger generations are particular on what they’re looking for when it comes to your website. Thus, you should know the specific ways in which you ought to interact with your network via mobile applications.

Even though Apple has banned the ability to accept donations through iOS apps, there are ways to get around this ban and tell you organization’s story. 

Here are five mobile apps to consider when developing your 2014 mobile strategy.

1) Instead

Instead is a micro-donation app with a "macro impact" that leverages everyday purchases, like coffee. Positioning each small donation (either $3 or $5), donors are able to see the direct impact of their donation (i.e. providing one child with clean water for a year).

Every time a person purchases or brews a cup of coffee, for instance, they log it on the app and donate their selected amount. If your organization would like to be featured on Instead, you can contact them directly or tweet at them.


2) Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows individual runners or bikers to log their mileage and unlock up to $1 million of their sponsorship "purse." Organizations like Pencils for Promise, DoSomething.org, and Wounded Warrior Project use this app for their endurance fundraisers to log miles during events and as year-round fundraisers.


3) One Today

Google’s One Today allows any organization to create a project or campaign they're looking to fund. This is also a micro-donation app that allows individuals to contribute $1 a day to projects or organizations they choose.

It also allows donors to match their friends' contributions. Malaria No More is running a campaign called "Save a child’s life from malaria" in which $1 leads to one child being tested and treated for malaria.

You can learn more about One Today here


4) Donate a Photo

Johnson and Johnson’s app allows individuals to share one photo a day to support a cause with a $1 donation.

For instance, Operation Smile used Donate a Photo to provide children with all the supply and medication to receive a cleft lip surgery. For every 240 photos donated (equaling $240), one child was able to receive surgery. As of today, they are one child away from their goal of 85 surgeries.


5) Check-in for Good

Check-in for Good is very similar to Foursquare, but for nonprofits. It allows organizations to easily create their own free Cause Page and then partner with businesses to collect donations anytime someone checks in at that business location.

When an organization uses this app, it's not only driving business to its local community, but it’s also raising money and engaging customers via their mobile devices.


How is your organization factoring in a mobile strategy this year?

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