How to Make Quotes for Instagram: 11 Apps to Try This Year

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Sophia Bernazzani Barron
Sophia Bernazzani Barron


When you come across a beautiful sight -- be it a beach, a mountain, or your pet's face -- sometimes, it inspires you to think bigger about what certain sights and experiences mean.

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For those moments, you might consider posting a photo on Instagram with an equally inspiring quote as the caption. But you could take it even further -- and save characters -- by posting the photo with the quote.Access Now: 9 Free Instagram Quote Templates

You've likely seen quotes on Instagram posts before, but you may never have created one for your brand's account. Here's a recent Instagram quote we shared here at HubSpot:

Posting quote images on Instagram can diversify your content on the platform and humanize your brand a little, too. Everyone could use a motivational quote during a busy Monday morning or a slow Tuesday afternoon, so try out an Instagram quote for your next post with the help of these free apps.


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Free Templates

9 Free Instagram Quote Templates

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Instagram Text Apps to Make Inspiring Quotes

Featured Resource: 9 Instagram Quote Templates

Instagram Quote Templates from HubSpotHubSpot created a collection of 9 Instagram quote templates for posts and stories – in addition to 13 more free Instagram posts for business. Download the collection of templates today to make Instagram quotes right in Google Slides for free.

1. Canva

iOS, Android, Mac, or Web App

instagram quote using template from canva

Canva's many features extend beyond text-based pictures and, for that matter, social media. But the mobile app and its gorgeous pre-made templates make it perfect for Instagram quotes.

Using the Canva's social media post setting, you can draft banners, flyers, cards, and posts of all shapes and sizes using one of millions of pro-level photos for your quote background. Of course, feel free to snap a photo on the go, as well. One you select your image, you can choose from more than 100 fonts, adjust the size and color, and publish.

2. Pablo by Buffer

Web App or Chrome Extension

instagram quote using pablo by buffer

Pablo is a simple app that allows you to make quotes for Instagram (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). You have the option of choosing among 600,000 images or uploading one of your own; adding header, body, and caption text; uploading logos or graphics; and customizing with a filter.
The options are limited, but the interface is extremely streamlined, making it a great choice for beginners. In addition, you can share directly to the social platform of your choosing or use Buffer to schedule the post for a later date.

3. Stencil

Web App, Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-On, Safari Extension, or WordPress

instagram quote using stencil instagram quote maker template

Depending on the plan you choose, Stencil allows you to create quote images with their 140+ common presets, more than 5 million high-resolution photos (all royalty-free), and more than 1275 templates. Even better, Stencil has partnered with Google Fonts and some of the top icon providers to customize your designs even further.

It also helps you determine if you're within Facebook's recommended text limits and whether any of your content might be cut off by common social media platforms.

To make sharing easy, you can send your images straight to Instagram, using their in-app social sharing options, or through their native Buffer integration.

4. VanillaPen

Android or iOS

instagram quote using vanillapen quote maker

Image Source

VanillaPen brands itself as a "powerful tool that will transform your regular posts into creative posters within seconds." It includes more than 200 templates (with presets to make the design process easier), 86 fonts, and 360 decorative elements. You'll also have the ability to perform basic design functions such as resizing, rotating, and more. From there, you can export and share to the social media platform of your choice.

5. Fotor

Web App, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS

instagram quote using fotor instagram quote maker

Fotor is an excellent tool that offers a wide range of templates, fonts, photos, and stickers to rival any of the apps on this list. However, what makes it stand out is its photo editing and retouching capabilities, making its feature set similar to that of Adobe Photoshop's but simpler. From background removers to blur effects, Fotor can help you create stunning graphics for Instagram.

6. Snappa

Web App

instagram quote templates on snappa

Image Source

With Snappa, you'll have access to more than 6000 templates and 5 million photos and graphics to use for your designs. It also has basic photo editing capabilities such as background removal, brightness/lightness adjustment, and blurring functionality. You can also repurpose your designs into the ideal image dimensions for multiple social platforms without manually resizing and redesigning for each one. The only downside is that you only get 3 downloads per month on Snappa's free plan, but there are premium plans available.

7. QuotesCover

Web App

image created using quotescover instagram quote maker

What's interesting about QuotesCover is that it integrates with a large database of quotes so that you don't have to supply the text for the image you create. Simply search the database, find a quote, and load it into the QuotesCover editor. From there, it will generate an automatic design, which you can edit with their background options, text formatting tool, stickers, and other design assets. In theory, you can go from zero ideas to full-fledged professional design in just a couple clicks.

8. PicMonkey

Web App, iPhone, Android

editing quote and image for instagram using picmonkey

Image Source

PicMonkey is another one of those tools that can do it all: photo editing (including background removals), graphics, and templates created with the best practices for each social platform in mind. You'll be able to draw from their library of millions of stock photos, videos, and animations. The big downside to this tool is that you'll need a subscription to download or share the images you create. However, the plus is that the subscription comes with 1GB of cloud storage (or unlimited storage if you choose one of the premium plans). This allows you to edit on the go, save to the cloud, and access designs on other devices.

9. Word Swag


word swag instagram quote templates

Image Source

Word Swag helps you create text images that are as edgy as the app's name sounds. The app uses a special typing engine to create fresh quote designs based on the background picture you're working with.

Just select (or shoot) your picture, type your quote into the app's plain text editor, select one of +80 styles, and shuffle through the diverse choices that appear. Word Swag has literally thousands of quote and image options to choose from through a handy integration from Pixabay, a free image gallery.

Keep in mind that the free version places a watermark on the image.

10. Quotes Creator

iOS or Android

quotes creator interface

Image Source

Quotes Creator has a neat feature that suggests quotes to use -- including their attributions -- to take the work out of creating an inspirational post for you. We also like how subtly transparent the watermark is to make it as distraction-free as possible. This is another easy-to-use app that creates quotes for Instagram in just a few simple steps -- with an easy tap to upload to the platform.

Quotes Creator's stock background options are a little cheesy, so we recommend finding your own and uploading them or using their library of photos.

11. Quote Maker


quote maker app for instagram quotes

Image Source

Quote Maker is another free app that requires a Pro version to unlock more background and style options, but you can always upload your own background if you feel too limited. You can add neat decals to your brand's name or a stamp-like effect to a company motto or mission statement.

We recommend exploring the app, but another warning -- it can be glitchy if your design and editing actions get more complex. It's best for simple images, like the one above.

Using an Instagram Post Template for Quotes

The apps above help make quotes for Instagram quickly using templates instead of starting from scratch. When you're creating content at scale, this can help you reduce the amount of time spent on design and more time focusing on the tasks that matter to you.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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