A Sales & Marketing Love Story: From LinkedIn & HubSpot [SlideShare]

Kimberley Darling
Kimberley Darling



sales-and-marketing-love-storyIt can sometimes feel like marketers are from Venus and salespeople are from Mars. They often have a rocky relationship and argue with each other over lead quality, follow-up procedures, social media monitoring, and cost vs. revenue (among other things).

In the middle of this bickering, it's hard to know what marketers and salespeople really think of each other. Is it truly a dysfunctional relationship, or is it simply a few miscommunications that, if solved, could turn their relationship into a classic love story?

To find out what's really going on, HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Solutions joined forces to uncover the truth. Together, we surveyed marketers and salespeople around the globe to get to the heart of the matter.

In the SlideShare below, you'll see our findings from the survey and the answer to the timeless question, "Are sales and marketing in a loveless marriage, and if so, how can it be fixed?

A Sales and Marketing Love Story from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

Want to see what some of our findings about the sales-marketing relationship? Here are eight interesting statistics that came from our survey:

1) 41% of marketers don't use buyer personas. (Tweet This Stat)

2) 95% of marketers said that lead quality is important to them. (Tweet This Stat)

3) Only 5% of marketers feel they give sales a perfect-fit lead. (Tweet This Stat)

4) 40% of marketers don't know what a marketing- or sales-qualified lead is. (Tweet This Stat)

5) 59% of marketers have no formal agreement with sales to determine both teams' responsibilities. (Tweet This Stat)

6) 87% of salespeople think they do a good job of following up with leads marketing gives them, but only 64% of marketers agree. (Tweet This Stat)

7) 88% of salespeople think that their marketing teams are a crucial source of revenue. (Tweet This Stat)

8) 72% of marketers believe their sales team is collaborative. (Tweet This Stat)

Since this topic is close to our hearts at HubSpot and LinkedIn, we want to fix this broken relationship. That's why we created the ebook, How to Create a Love Story Between Sales & Marketing. Download your copy below to learn how your sales and marketing teams can live happily ever after!

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