Snow for Sale? How One Couple Built a Booming Side Business From Boston's Biggest Blizzard [Podcast]

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Ginny Mineo
Ginny Mineo




It was snowing. A lot. Boston was in the midst of a blizzard -- the biggest one in recorded history.

Kyle and Jessica Waring were cooped up in their apartment, and getting a little stir-crazy. They needed to do something productive ... but what?

Then, they landed on an idea. What if they sold snow from the blizzard outside and shipped it to anyone in the country? It'd be pretty funny -- and could actually be a good business opportunity.

So, they started Ship Snow, Yo, and soon after, their business went viral. Orders were piling up. Famous media outlets were covering their business. And Kyle and Jessica were having an incredible time.

A year later, the fun hasn't stopped. They've launched several other lines of business shipping foliage and coal -- all while working their day jobs.

Check out this episode of The Growth Show to hear Kyle and Jessica's story about launching Ship Snow, Yo, and the challenges they've faced along the way.

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