How Snapchat is Bridging the Gap Between Sports Fans and Their Favorite Teams

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Lestraundra Alfred
Lestraundra Alfred



Snapchat created an immersive experience for fans watching the 2023 Women’s World Cup. When the games kicked off last month, Snapchat launched a suite of augmented reality (AR) features and exclusive content to connect soccer fans with National Teams across the globe.

The content package includes:

  • An AR “Team Tracker” Lens that allows fans to create team-oriented content
  • Up-to-date stats and highlights
  • A feature that lets users dress their Bitmoji characters in their favorite team’s Adidas uniforms
  • Unique stickers and filters commemorating the World Cup
  • A twice-weekly Snapchat-exclusive show covering various elements of women’s soccer
  • A series of challenges encouraging users to share World Cup-related content for a chance to win cash prizes

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This partnership marks Snapchat’s investment in AR tools and athletics. The platform collaborated with the U.S. Women’s National Team and media company Togethxr to develop exclusive AR Lenses created by female designers to show advocacy for women’s sports.

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Snapchat’s Next Play

AR continues to be a major focus area for Snapchat. The app has been investing in AR technology for the past few years to align with Gen Z shopping habits allowing users to virtually try-on products before purchasing them.

Snapchat’s latest content offering not only got existing users excited about following the World Cup but was a good acquisition play to bring soccer fans onto the platform. And with an official media partnership planned with the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, we may see more sports fans gravitating towards Snapchat for exclusive content and virtual experiences.

By focusing on these partnerships, Snapchat could create a lane for itself as the go-to social media platform for major sporting events. It also signifies Snapchat’s shift from a Gen Z-focused social app to a notable media platform.

After a period of decline, Snapchat appears to be on the path to growth. The app currently has 750 million active users, with 397 million users logging in daily in Q2 2023, up nearly 4% from Q1.

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