6 Social Selling Tools to Consider

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If you're like many people, you've likely been tempted to impulsively buy a pull out your credit card for a product or service you saw in an Instagram Reel with an incredibly convenient link to shop. 

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Today, most generations see social media as their preferred platform for product discovery, while 87% of social media marketers who sell on their channels say its effective. Nearly 60% even note social media sales have increased year over year. 

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But, once you place your products or services on social media stores or pages, how do you ensure they achieve solid sales? To do this, consider leveraging social media selling tools. 

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In this blog post, we’ll go over:

Best Social Selling Tools

Social Selling Software

HubSpot Social Media Management Software

HubSpot Social Media Management Software


HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software is a comprehensive social media tool that can boost your social selling efforts. You can run social media campaigns with an AI-powered post generator, set up keyword monitoring so you don’t miss mentions, and link all your interactions back to your CRM.

For example, let’s say I want to sell some art prints I made. I can use the social media tool to generate captions to promote the products on Instagram and TikTok.

You’re also able to measure the effectiveness of your social selling efforts with the campaigns tool that allows you to tag related marketing assets and content. That way, you can see how social media factors into your marketing and sales strategy.

Pricing: Part of Marketing Hub, which includes Marketing Hub aFree version, Starter at $45/month, Professional at $800/month, and Enterprise at $3,600/month.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub


By integrating seamlessly with popular social media platforms, HubSpot Sales Hub enables you to execute social selling. With a comprehensive contact database and prospecting tools, you can easily identify and engage with potential customers who are active on social media.

Sales Hub also provides valuable insights into prospects' social media activities, allowing you to personalize your outreach and establish meaningful connections. With email tracking and sequencing capabilities, you can track engagement and follow up with prospects at the perfect moment.

Pricing: Part of Sales Hub, which includes Sales Hub Free, Starter at $45/month, Professional at $450/month, and Enterprise at $1,200/month.

Hootsuite Inbox

Hootsuite Inbox consolidates all your private and public messages in one organized place, which can help social sellers who leverage chat-based strategies. 

This tool's features help eliminate the risk of missing any important conversations and comments. You can also use it to monitor, organize, and respond to messages across multiple social platforms, ensuring every connection receives a prompt response. Filtering options enable you to quickly find specific communication threads, even when handling high message volumes.

The tool also allows you to collaborate with team members by assigning messages as tasks, ensuring each query is addressed by the most suitable person in your company. Additionally, you can also save and reuse replies for quicker responses to common questions or messages.

Pricing: Professional at $99/month, Team at $249/month, and custom pricing for Enterprise.

Social Selling Platforms 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


With its search capabilities and filters, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to identify and target customers based on specific criteria such as industry, company size, and job title. It also provides insights into prospects' profiles, activities, and connections, enabling you to personalize your outreach and build relationships.

Sales Navigator also allows you to stay informed about key updates and changes within your prospects' organizations, so you can leverage these opportunities with timely messaging or engagement. With features like InMail and TeamLink, you can also reach out directly to prospects and leverage your team's connections to expand your network and drive sales.

Pricing: Pricing is not readily available on LinkedIn's website, however sources across the web note that plans start at $99 per month. 

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping


Chances are, your customers are already on Instagram. Why not meet them where they’re at with Instagram Shopping? This feature allows you to showcase and sell products from your Instagram Shop directly on the Instagram platform. You can tag or link your products in posts and stories, enabling your audience to discover and purchase items with just a few taps.

Instagram Shopping bridges the gap between inspiration and purchase. Your followers can browse product details, explore related items, and even make purchases without ever leaving the app.

Pricing: Instagram Shopping features are available once you've created an Instagram Shop and business page for your brand. 

TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop


Like Instagram Shopping, TikTok Shop is commerce built into the social platform. By leveraging the attention-grabbing nature of TikTok's short-form videos, you can create engaging and interactive content showcasing your products to capture the attention of your intended audience. Products can be discovered, shared, and purchased directly within the app.

Through TikTok Shop, you can also work with creators through the Affiliate Marketplace, a marketing channel that connects creators with sellers on the platform.

Pricing: TikTok takes a commission fee which is a percentage of the total amount of an order. 

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop


Through Facebook Shop, you can sell on Facebook or Instagram, or both. The platform enables you to create a shop or catalog. With the shop, you have the ability to add products to sell.

Pricing: Facebook charges a processing fee for sales made using payment methods they make available.

Get Started With Social Selling

Social selling allows you to showcase your creativity with content creation, engage your audience, and ultimately, convert leads into loyal customers. By leveraging the power of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, you can connect with your target audience on a more personal and engaging level.

Get started with social selling tools like HubSpot Social Media Management Software or HubSpot Sales Hub.

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