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Why Do Mobile Banner Ads Stink So Much?

mobile-advertisingWhen it comes to mobile advertising, less is more. We've all seen a barrage of under-pixelated, tiny banner ads -- there's nothing useful or valuable about that. In fact, they infuriate consumers who would rather not be yanked out of their mobile experience when they accidentally click on one.

As an industry, we’re doing it wrong. We keep hearing that it is the year of mobile advertising (for the 8th year in a row). So why haven’t we figured out that we have to add value to the user experience in order to get consumers to pay attention to mobile ads? That's why we made this video, explaining the typical experience of consuming a mobile banner ad:

Couple that with the following stats we've researched about mobile usage, and it's frankly quite surprising that mobile advertisers haven't figured out how to make mobile banner ads better:

  • You are 116 times more likely to survive a rattlesnake bite than to intentionally click on a mobile banner ad. (Tweet this stat!)
  • With the revenue that mobile advertisers lost to accidental clicks in 2012, you could buy 1,825 Lamborghinis. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Collectively, Americans spend over 1 million months on their mobile phones per day. (Tweet this stat!)
  • It is twice as likely for a pilot to have fallen asleep mid-flight than for a user to be willing to pay for mobile content. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Men are more likely to have slept with their smartphone than washed their hands after using the bathroom. (Tweet this stat!)

We have intimate relationships with our smartphones. The mere thought of losing our beloved device is terrifying -- they help us with almost all of our needs, from dating to working to dining. They are the last thing we see before we go to sleep and the first thing we see when we wake up. And yet, mobile advertisers are interrupting that experience with one that is decidedly less useful, helpful, interesting, or delightful.

Mobile usage and content consumption is growing faster than the proverbial hockey stick the analysts describe, and we’re simply not monetizing efficiently. Poorly targeted, puny ads that consistently miss the mark will never be effective for brands. As an industry, we must provide consumers with value in exchange for their attention. Mobile ads can be cognitively engaging and measurably valuable -- if we focus on the user first.

This post was written by Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. Solve Media is a leading provider of guaranteed effective online branding. Follow them on twitter @SolveMedia or visit their blog at news.SolveMedia.com.

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