Amber_NaslundThere are much simpler ways for a woman to get a new dog than in the story you're about to hear, but then again, easier ways are for people who lack the passion, imagination, hard-earned network and gigantic heart of Amber Naslund.

An Incredible Journey

This is the story of Amber's recent rescue of a homeless pit bull, Hope, from a Los Angeles high-kill shelter. Follow Amber and Hope's adventure starting from a single photo on Facebook and evolving to rally an incredible community online and off that gets Hope out of the shelter and started on a cross-country journey to her new forever home in Chicago.

A featured keynote speaker at SocialFresh events, Amber is the President at Sideraworks.

Amber's Slides:



Sketch Notes:

Amber Naslund Bold Talk Graphic Recording

Graphic recording by Kingman Ink.

Amber Naslund is Co-Founder & President, SideraWorks. You can follow her on Twitter at @AmberCadabra

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Originally published Nov 26, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023