HWiB2Editor's note: March is Women's History Month, and to celebrate we have asked HubSpotters to write brief tributes to women they admire. We will publish these articles all month here on the HubSpot Opinion blog as part of a series called "Women in Business." Here, my colleague Rachel Sebell pays tribute to Jennifer Dulski, the President and COO of Change.org. -- Dan Lyons. 

I joined HubSpot in 2011 as a support engineer and am now a manager of inbound marketing consultants. My background is in the humanitarian sector. Prior to working at HubSpot, I worked in fundraising and marketing roles in Boston-based nonprofit organizations and private schools.

JenniferDulskiRachI co-founded the nonprofit team here at HubSpot in 2012 and have designed and assisted in implementing inbound marketing strategies for more than 200 organizations. My team and I use our creativity and love of analytics to help .orgs and .edu's clarify their goals, understand their target audiences, improve their website visits, leads and conversion rates, further their missions, and improve constituent retention.

My Nominee: Jennifer Dulski

Jennifer Dulski is the president and chief operating officer of Change.org, a web platform for social change. After previously working for Google, Dulski joined Change.org after taking action on a petition started by Travyon Martin's parents. She became excited by Change.org petitions as a user and was then recruited to join the team as its new COO and president.

Dulski inspires me because she is passionate about changing the world and goes about it in a very effective way. As the Daily Telegraph noted, she is the poster child for protests 2.0. In an interview with Business Insider, Dulski called the job "a perfect way to combine both of my passions, scaling successful Internet companies and making the world a better place." 

I think this is something we can all aspire to, a successful job that we love that changes the world.


Originally published Mar 18, 2014 9:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023