Emily_OlsonOne of the BEST ways to get your company's story into bigtime media outlets?

Stop trying to tell your company's story.

Tell someone else's story instead.

Emily Olson LaFave got her startup Foodzie into the national press over and over by telling the stories of the artisans and products sold on Foodzie's online marketplace. And it all started with some bacon jam...

Bacon... Jam?

The literal "secret sauce" of Skillet Street Food's aptly named "The Burger," bacon jam is exactly what it sounds like. When you eat good food for a living, it's your job to road trip to places like Seattle to try things like The Burger. When you're smart like Emily, you convince the proprietor to package and sell the Bacon Jam, offer it for sale on your website, and then you tell the story of Bacon Jam. Nationally.

Watch Emily explain why telling someone else's story could be the most important thing you ever do for your business, how she did it, and provides examples of how you can do the same.

Emily founded and sold one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Food Companies, Foodzie.com where she discovered the best products from small foodcrafters and sold through Foodzie's online marketplace and monthly subscription. Foodzie helped pioneer the artisanal food movement online. A passionate food enthusiast she's spent 10 years in the business from on-camera video work, to culinary school to working with artisanal foodmakers. Emily is a Techstars Boulder 2008 alumni and has been named Inc Magazine's Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs and Food & Wine Magazine's 40 Big Food Thinkers Under 40.

After six months traveling the world for new culinary adventures, Emily is back in San Francisco building her next food startup."

PS - Good luck getting to the end of this video without going online and ordering yourself some Skillet Bacon Jam. Just ask me how many jars of it are in my house right now.

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Emily Olson LaFave Bold Talk Graphic Recording

Graphic recording by Kingman Ink.

Emily Olson LaFave Co-founded Foodzie. You can follow her on Twitter at @EmilyOlson.

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Originally published Feb 25, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023