Note: The video in this post contains very strong language.

Starting to unravel? Sometimes you just need to pull out ALL the yarn and knit it all back together the right way. In this raucous and rowdy Bold Talk, author Erika Napoletano presents a turning point where she absolutely lost her sh*t, and then describes how to work your way back from the brink.

More often than one likes to admit, a critical step towards getting our sh*t together often turns out to be losing it. Completely. 

On her way to Boston to give a rousing, inspiring Bold Talk at INBOUND 2013, that exact thing happened to author, coach and comedienne Erika Napoletano. This video is the result.

There Can Be Only One (Story)

There's an "OMG did I just SAY that?" gap between the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others.

That gap is what eventually makes us lose our sh*t. It also contains the truth that can help us pull it back together. Digging into your real truth and narrowing it down to your one real story is the first step.

Erika Napoletano lives in Chica(aaaaa)go and is the Head Redhead at RHW Media, Inc. a strategy firm that helps people and companies get unstuck and over those annoying problems that keep them from being awesome.

As Forbes puts it, you can think of Erika as “a redheaded, tattooed Tina Fey with a special weakness for four-letter words,” but it’s not all funny business. Erika is also a twice-published and award winning author, including The Power of Unpopular (Wiley 2012), a columnist for both Entrepreneur Magazine and OPEN Forum, and an acclaimed speaker from TEDx Boulder 2013. She speaks at conferences across the U.S. on the inherent power of truth in business … or as she refers to it, the power of unpopularity.



Sketch Notes:


Graphic recording by Kingman Ink.

Erika Napoletano is Head Redhead, RHW Media, Inc. You can follow her on Twitter at @RedHeadWriting.

INBOUND 2013, attended by over 5,500 inbound marketers, entrepreneurs, and executives, included an INBOUND: Bold Talks experimental storytelling stage. We will publish each talk right here in the Opinion section until all 36 are online.

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Originally published Dec 17, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated February 03 2014