Marcus_SheridanCan growing your brand, growing your business and growing your bottom line be as simple as telling the truth?

This is a powerhouse of a talk from pool-guy-turned-inbound-marketing-superstar Marcus Sheridan. You will laugh. You will learn. Though the longest of our 36 INBOUND Bold Talks, it's well worth every energy-packed minute.


Radical Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers' Questions

Especially if you're already doing inbound marketing, you wonder where to find content, what to write about, and how to keep your site continually updated. You need compelling, valuable content that will attract prospective customers, and more importantly turn them into leads and customers efficiently.

Faced with this challenge, Marcus explains how he went back to the most fundamental things he knew about his business and tapped into an almost limitless source for great content ideas. By publishing the answers to questions he knew his customers always had, he tapped into a powerful force for attracting and converting the right ones. Controversial questions, negative questions and easy to answer questions alike.

Dubbed a web marketing guru by The New York Times, Marcus Sheridan runs The Sales Lion, a sales, marketing, and personal development blog that is synonymous with inbound marketing excellence.

Marcus gained his mastery of inbound marketing over ten years of building his pool installation company into the largest in the United States, even through the housing crisis. With the help of incredible innovations through inbound marketing, River Pools and Spas has transformed from a small business run out of a beat-up pickup truck into a powerhouse company that has the most-visited swimming pool website in the world:

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Marcus Sheridan is Founder, The Sales Lion. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheSalesLion.

INBOUND 2013, attended by over 5,500 inbound marketers, entrepreneurs, and executives, included an INBOUND: Bold Talks experimental storytelling stage. We will publish each talk right here in the Opinion section until all 36 are online.

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Originally published Jan 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023