Whether you're a marketing executive, in product development, consulting, writing, teaching, blogging, waitressing or even driving a cab, work breaks down and problems emerge at the level of basic communication and connection. What causes most business failure comes down to relationship fundamentals: "_____ did not listen to me," "_____ did not apologize," "_____ did not notice that I was there," and "_____ did not thank me."

What You Say Doesn't Matter, What They Hear Does.

True connection is an art to which we must bring our whole being and presence. Mastering ourselves is the toughest part. If we can learn to be fully present, to truly see the person we are connecting with, and bring mindfulness to everyday communication, our professional work becomes much more effective and powerful.

Best selling author, meditation teacher and buddhist Susan Piver speaks on mindful communication with surprisingly human examples and wry humor. 

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Susan Piver Bold Talk Graphic Recording

Graphic recording by Kingman Ink.

Susan Piver is a NYT Bestselling Author and Buddhist Teacher. You can follow her on Twitter at @SPiver.

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Originally published Jan 31, 2014 8:30:00 AM, updated January 18 2023