Author, blogger, long time podcaster, and marketing consultant C.C. Chapman takes the stage at INBOUND 2014 as a new face on the Bold Talks roster, but he's no stranger to anyone in the marketing world. His passion for content and marketing have culiminated in his 2010 best selling book, Content Rules, and his latest book, Amazing Things Will Happen

We recently CC our batch of questions about what and how he reads online towards excelling at the many amazing things he does. 


What is your #1 source for staying on top of your world?

While I am at my desk: Hootsuite, and while mobile: Twitter.

When and what do you read online?

Every morning I sit down with a cup of coffee, CNN on the television and my iPad in my lap. I look through Feedly and Zite to see what has been going on since I went to sleep.

I read a variety of sites since I have a lot of interests. Too many people read only about their industry and that only guarantees that you and your ideas will go stale.

What is your favorite place on the web?

I’m going to get creative and say my browser because the beautiful thing about the web is that there is an endless supply of new places and on any given day if you look at the tabs I have open you never know what you might find. I love that.

But, a couple of my favorites would include Gear Patrol to create all my materialistic wants, First Showing for all my movie news and trailers, and The Inquisitor for all the latest pop culture news.

Which people or feeds or blogs do you follow?

Who is someone undiscovered that we should be reading?

I don’t think enough people know about Karen Walrond. She is an artist in Houston who creates with her camera and words and I’m lucky to call her a friend. She writes about a variety of topics and every Friday she assembles a “this was a good week” post that I look forward to all week because it isn’t the same viral videos that have been overshared everywhere, but a carefully curated list of beautiful things.

What is your biggest pet peeve about content? 

That everyone thinks it is easy and cheap to create. Sure, it can be both, but when it is assumed up front it drives me nuts.

I also hate everyone creating content only to leverage a tactic. This would include all the “like this if you agree” or “top 10….” Yes, people like that content, but creating it without any clear strategy or reason bugs me.

What is the most memorable piece of content of all time?

All time? Wow.

I’ll go with what first came to mind and that is the Dear Sophie from Google and Long Live Play  from Sony.

How would you rank your favorite social apps?


If content types were stocks, which ones would you buy, which would you sell, and which would you hold?

BUY: video, podcasts, newsletters

HOLD: slide decks, ebooks/white papers, blog posts, books

SELL: infographics

What haven't we asked you that you'd like to talk about?

Today I’m thinking a lot about how we are slowly seeing a change where nonprofits and organizations trying to better the world are getting the funds and support they need to carry out their missions. Every time I hear of another app getting millions of dollars from a VC, I hear of another nonprofit who can’t pay it’s bills. That saddens me, but I think we are very slowly turning a corner where more people realize they want to do more with their lives. This makes me happy. It is going to take a while, but I have faith we’ll get there. 

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Originally published Jul 30, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated January 19 2023