CMO of creative and technology agency MRY, David Berkowitz has been blogging since 2004 and has spoken at more than 200 events around the world. He blogs at and his byline has appeared on AdAge, Mediapost, Mashable, the Economist and Digiday. 

David will make his INBOUND debut on the Bold Talks stage this year. We caught up with him to chat about inbound marketing, and also asked him to share his secrets to consuming and managing information online.



What is your #1 source for staying on top of your world?

...while at your desk? Slideshare

...while mobile? Twitter 

When and what do you read online?

In a typical "day in my life discovering and consuming information, I'm..."

...reading The New York Times email in the morning, and when I get to it, my Feedblitz roundup of a bunch of blogs I subscribe to (including LostRemote, Google's official blog, VentureBeat, Dan Ariely's blog, and more)

...scanning Facebook a few times daily

...periodically going to my private Twitter list of favorites, which includes a number of journalists, colleagues, clients, friends, fascinating people to follow

...occasionally checking the mobile app Circa when out and about

...reading various newsletters throughout the day including Ad Age, TechCrunch, and others

...catching a lot of links shared within MRY's internal listserv

...a lot of the information I get comes in the form of pitches or updates from friends, partners, and even a few corporate newsletters

...does my Kindle count as online? It's digital. Before bed or when taking mass transit, I'm likely to be reading my Kindle. I'm currently reading Radical Enlightenment: Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650-1750 by Jonathan Israel.

What is your favorite place on the web?

My Facebook albums of my infant daughter. If I'm online and not with her in person, then nothing makes me happier than seeing her face.

Which people or feeds or blogs do you follow?

Who is someone undiscovered that we should be reading?

Dave Trott isn't yet a household name and is one of the most clear and poignant writers out there. I'd also call out Baruch Spinoza, a writer who deserves to be rediscovered for his logic, provocativeness, and dry humor.

What is your biggest pet peeve about content? 

My biggest pet peeve about content is when it's called "content." It's like calling it "a noun," or "stuff." Dismissing content as "content" is the surest way to devalue it.

What is the most memorable piece of content of all time?

One word in Hebrew - "Bereishit," better known in English as the phrase, "In the beginning..." No opening line has ever sold so many books.

How would you rank your favorite social apps?


If content types were stocks, which ones would you buy, which would you sell, and which would you hold?

BUY: video

HOLD: infographics, blog posts, and books

SELL: podcasts, newsletters, slide decks, and ebooks/white papers

What haven't we asked you that you'd like to talk about?

I'm fascinated by the shift from storytelling to storymaking. Brands' stories don't matter nearly as much as they stories brands empower their consumers and customers to tell.

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Originally published Jul 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023