The Superhuman Coffee That Lasts 4+ Hours And Doesn’t Make Me Crash

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Alex Birkett
Alex Birkett



I must admit — I'm a coffee addict.

Even worse, in the last few years I've developed a sort of coffee snobbery as well. A simple shot of 5-Hour Energy or a cup of Folgers will neither satiate my palate nor my caffeine needs. 

Rather, I'm drawn to coffee that provides the energy (and taste) required, without the nasty "coffee crash" that leaves me jittery, cranky, and with a headache.

This magical coffee is called Bulletproof Coffee. It's high-quality coffee, blended with grass-fed butter and MCT Oil (similar to coconut oil). And it so calorie-dense, it completely replaces my breakfast. 


Yeah, I know, sounds funky. Butter and oil in coffee? Won't that make me fat? It replaces my breakfast?? What the heck is MCT oil? And wouldn't that taste weird? How can I try it? 

All the answers are here. Keep reading.

Step 1: Make (organic, high-end) coffee


What I do: Purchase organic, high-end coffee, then brew it. I use a french press, but you could use a differerent brewing method such as drip or pour over. After it's brewed, I put the coffee into a blender, where I'll later add the oil and butter.

Why it works: At one point, I stopped drinking coffee because I kept crashing. I'd be energized on coffee, but then a few hours later I felt jittery, exhausted, and had a headache. That's because I was drinking poorly-sourced, cheap coffee.

According to Dave Asprey, the man who made Bulletproof Coffee so well-known, cheap coffee is what causes the dreaded coffee crash. This is primarily because of the mycotoxins (a fancy word for mold) found in cheap coffee. By using high-end coffee, you avoid the mycotoxins which cause the harsh comedown. Here's a great resource on how to find high-quality coffee in your city

Step 2: Add MCT Oil 


What I do: Put two tablespoons of MCT Oil into the blender, along with the coffee. I started with one teaspoon, then worked my way up to two tablespoons.  

Why it works: In a nutshell, MCT oil is basically coconut oil, but without the lauric acid (which doesn't make a big difference). 

In more detail, MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and it works in a few different (beneficial) ways. According to various health journals, it has been shown to increase energy, solve digestion problems, and control weight. It is also commonly used by successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and world-class musicians to improve focus and energy. 

Step 3: Add (grass-fed) butter


What I do: Put two tablespoon of grass-fed, organic butter into the blender, along with the coffee and MCT oil. I started with one tablespoon, then worked my way up. 

Why it works: First off, I only buy 100% organic grass-fed butter. This is incredibly important to not skimp on the cheap butter, which lacks the nuitrients needed from grass-fed cows. 

Grass-fed dairy contains more Vitamin K2 and Omega-3 fatty acids, both of which contribute to a healthy heart. Healthy butter also contains butyrate, which improves insulin sensitivity, increases energy expenditure, and reduces inflammation.

Finally, once you have the coffee, oil, and butter in the blender ... blend for about 20 seconds.

The resulting concoction has a creamy, buttery texture. It's similar to a latte with a natural foam topping, but more rich and flavorful. And not only does it taste amazing, it completely replaces my breakfast.

This is because Bulletproof Coffee has a ton of calories, since it's loaded with butter and oil. 

At first, I thought butter and oil would make me fat. Turns out that's not true.

If I drink my Bulletproof Coffee with carbohydrates (ex. toast, pancakes, oatmeal, donuts, etc) like we often drink with regular coffee, yes. I will be fatter than a whale. However, the Bulletproof Coffee method requires a low-carb diet, which converts the butter and oil into an energy source. 

You see, when we eat a strict amount of carbs, it puts us into something called "ketosis." This simply means our liver converts fats into an energy source now, called ketones, so we no longer require carbs for energy. 

In fact, our brain actually functions more efficiently on ketones than carbohydrates (i.e. glucose/sugar), which is why Bulletproof Coffee is so effective. 

And because our body goes through ketosis, converting fat into energy, it gives us a more "clean" energy than that of donuts or bagels mixed with regular coffee. 

In summary, our brain likes ketones and caffeine (ex. Bulletproof Coffee) better than glucose and caffeine (ex. coffee and donut).  


I encourage you to add high-end coffee, coconut oil (or MCT oil if your grocery store has it), and grass-fed butter to your grocery list. Then next time you go shopping, give it a try. You'll then experience the following benefits:

  • More energy, alertness, and mental clarity 
  • Stops the post-coffee crash 
  • Weight loss (pending you follow the suggested low-carb diet)
  • Kills pesky cravings for sweets 
  • Boosts cognitive function 

It has made an incredible difference in my morning routine and I can't image going back to "regular" coffee.

The benefits are just too good to give up.

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