Checklist: Improve Your Sales Team's Performance in 90 Days [Infographic]

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Leslie Ye
Leslie Ye




The expression “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” may be overused, but it's true. For example, experts agree that chunking a large project into smaller tasks makes it more manageable and increases the possibility you’ll complete it on schedule.

Now imagine your sales team is struggling, and the VP of sales has handed down a missive: Get better.

Overhauling a sales team’s performance is no easy feat, but this infographic from PI Worldwide lays out a 90-day blueprint that’ll demystify the process.

The plan calls on sales managers to collect individual data on their reps, assess collective performance, run team training, reinforce coaching by applying it to real sales calls, and reflect on past performance.

Each of these subcategories is further broken down into weekly tasks, so you’re never splitting your attention between competing priorities. By the last week of team training, you’ll be ready to create an individual plan for each of your reps with specific goals and next steps.

How you execute on these steps is up to you. But hopefully, this blueprint will make a gargantuan task just a little bit easier.


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