6 Cheesy Sales Lines That Make Prospects Cringe & More Articles You Might've Missed

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Remember the ShamWow guy? Here's a refresher in case you don't:


This video is practically a tutorial on what not to say when you're trying to sell something.

Now, Vince might have moved some ShamWows. But if you're selling a complex product or service in the B2B market, you'll probably want to avoid phrases such as "I don't know, it just sells itself!" and "Call within the next 20 minutes, because we can't do this all day."

In the vein of cringe-inducing pitches, Jeff Shore listed six particularly odious sales phrases in his post "6 Cheesy Sales Lines You Should Never Ever Say Again." Some are obviously awful (example: "Here's what I love about [product]"), but others are seemingly harmless ("Are you the decision maker?") Read through the list to ensure you're not serving a side of cheese with your sales presentation.

After you do a bit of linguistic damage control, peruse five more of the week's most thought-provoking sales articles below.

1) The Stupidest Sales Advice I Ever Heard -- And I Used to Agree With It by Jill Konrath

Sales expert Jill Konrath slays a sacred cow. Prepare to question a deeply entrenched sales belief.

2) 5 Tips For Successful Cold Calling by Georges Le Nigen

If you go into a cold call totally cold, you're doing it wrong.

3) Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Their Next Sales Superstar by CJ Ng

Ng argues that the concept of a "sales superstar" is, itself, misguided. Find out why.

4) How to Get More Referrals by Joanne Black

Your customers can sell on your behalf. They're called referrals. Learn how.

5) 7 Deadly Sales Presentation Sins That Are Killing Your Sales by Thomas Ellis

Show me a pitch deck that includes company history, and I'll show you a sleeping prospect. Avoid these mistakes at all cost.

What were your favorite sales articles this week? Share in the comments.

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