The Best 11 Conversational AI for Sales

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The right words don’t always come easy. It can even take hours to put an email together. Thankfully, there’s AI for that.

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Conversational AI for sales teams can eliminate a lot of repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails and customer queries and even generate sales collateral. Operationally, conversational AI speeds up processes within tools like your CRM or CMS, makes reporting easier, decision-making more effective, and so much more.

Here are the best ten conversational AI tools for sales.

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What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is artificial intelligence (AI) that processes and generates human-like conversations.

Businesses commonly use conversational AI in chatbots. And many homes use conversational AI in the form of Alexa or Siri. These conversational AI tools can process commands input and deliver a response in a way you can understand.

Conversational AI is sophisticated enough to write content, emails, website pages, and more. Those using conversational AI in sales are reporting more efficiency.

How Conversational AI Can Benefit Sales

The primary way conversational AI benefits sales is time. Once you learn how to integrate AI processes into your operations, you’ll have more time for the tasks you love. In a recent survey, 82% of sales professionals agreed or strongly agreed that AI allowed them more time to work on the parts of their job they enjoyed the most.

Here are four core benefits of using conversational AI in sales.

Routine Tasks Completed Faster

Conversational AI processes and “understands” natural language. You can ask conversational AI bots to help you complete tasks.

Within HubSpot CRM, for example, you can ask integrated AI to complete routine tasks for you. HubSpot’s ChatSpot can do everything you already do, but faster — a simple request to ChatSpot, and you can get to the end point of your request. Instead of clicking to get to a report, ChatSpot will deliver it straight to you.

ChatSpot speeds up a process for proficient users, and for new team members, HubSpot training and onboarding processes are shortened because ChatSpot can do so much with a straightforward request.

More Time

You‘ll have more time when you’ve automated some of your workflows using AI. Automation with AI is something to embrace; some tasks benefit from automation as they don’t require a human touch. Since you’re taking some work off the team’s plate, they will approach the tasks that need them with more energy and enthusiasm.

Meeting note-taking is an excellent example of AI done well. AI tools can transcribe your meetings into text and generate emails to send them. Your AI note taker won’t fall behind or forget to record an important detail.

Tools like Otter are great for this.

Fewer Customer Support Issues

AI chatbots can answer customer queries allowing your customer to serve themselves. While the chatbot may be unable to answer everything, HubSpot’s State of AI survey found that customer service assistants saved two hours per day using a chatbot.

Your chatbot conversations can be analyzed for future improvements. Sales can address frequently asked questions during the sales process to help manage expectations and reduce confusion or complaints that occur post-sale.

Improved Lead Nurturing

Your lead nurturing can improve and increase without your team needing to do anything. Conversational AI can generate better emails and content that you can use to nurture and send to your prospects.

What’s better is that, combined with other forms of AI, you’ll know precisely when it’s best to send the next email or complete the next action and at what time.

You can integrate AI into the lead nurturing process so that AI takes care of specific, less important tasks, leaving you to focus your energy on the leads most likely to convert.

The Best Conversational AI Tools for Sales Teams

There are a lot of AI tools crying for our attention right now, so we’ve done some research for you.

Here are ten of the best conversational AI tools for sales with notes about pricing, what we like about them, and who they’re best for. Plus, some insights from the sales pros who already love them.

1. ChatSpot

For teams who are already using HubSpot, ChatSpot is taking tasks and making them faster. You can ask ChatSpot to do the heavy lifting through conversational AI.

For example, you can ask that ChatSpot deliver your quarterly report with the data aggregated in a certain way — summarized by country, for example. For sales teams already well-versed with ChatSpot, the time taken to complete jobs is shortened.

Senior team members can create prompt examples to share with junior team members so that tasks can be shared across the team.

Additionally, training on HubSpot got easier for new team members since ChatSpot can do some of the required tasks. You won’t need to teach everyone exactly where everything is since ChatSpot can do much of the searching for you.

Finally, for busy team members or senior staff, you can see where an account is at by asking ChatSpot to give you a summary. Once again, conversational AI saves heaps of time since you don’t have to manually review account history to build a picture of where it’s at.

What we like: ChatSpot allows you to do everything you did within HubSpot, but faster.

Best for: Sales teams using HubSpot

Price: Free for HubSpot users.


Conversational AI tools like record audio, write notes, capture slides, and generate summaries. This reduces time spent in meetings and on post-meeting administration. It frees your team to be their best selves for your customers.

With time saved, your team can be more available for your customers and spend their time creating a more soulful proposal or deep-diving into the actual needs of your prospects.

Bethan Vincent, founder of Open Velocity, uses to summarize her calls.

“It‘s worth noting we only do this on initial sales calls, as this helps us keep the rest of the team up to date with the prospect’s challenges and needs,” she says. “This allows us to be much more responsive in allocating the right consultant and also ensuring we are all aware of what the trends are in our market. It really speeds up initial qualification and exploration.”

The time the sales teams save on tasks is better spent elsewhere. Vincent continues, “This spare time is being pushed into our proposals, as we always want to go deeper to understand our client‘s business and market context. This type of qualitative analysis is something that AI can’t yet replicate — so we try to put our time into the areas where humans can add value.”

What we like: takes tasks that don’t need human input, leaving your team more time to add the creativity and qualitative analysis that AI can’t do.

Best for: Recording transcripts of meetings

Price: You get 300 monthly transcription minutes at 30 minutes per conversation for free. Then, you can scale to a pro account for $16.99 monthly or a business account for $30 monthly.

3. ChatGPT

Conversational AI in sales can change an email from bland to attention-grabbing.

Colin Pearson, UK Business Development Manager at StudySmarter, uses AI mainly to compose emails.

“It‘s important to catch people’s attention while ensuring all the relevant details are covered. I can ask ChatGPT to write an email with a call to action,” Pearson says. “At first, the results were sketchy, but now that our company uses it more, it has learned more about us, and the results are more relevant. “

Pearson adds, “Still, I always rewrite content in my own voice and really use it for ideas and templates rather than the finished article, but it helps form ideas, and it is really good at formatting text.”

As pictured above, with AIPRM integration, sales teams using ChatGPT can choose from tried and tested prompt templates for ChatGPT. This is a great addition for those exploring AI and looking to discover its capabilities.

What we like: ChatGPT is a gateway to AI. Since it’s free, everyone should try it.

Best for: Getting a feel for AI

Price: Free to use the earlier versions and only $20 monthly for pro.


Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 11.15.11 AM

SleekFlow is an AI-powered Omnichannel Conversation Suite designed for seamless customer engagement. The all-in-one platform allows businesses to create personalized customer journeys across popular messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, live chat, and more. SleekFlow is dedicated to shaping the future of communication by centralizing business workflows around meaningful conversations.

Leveraging cutting-edge conversational AI capabilities, SleekFlow streamlines business operations for marketing, sales, and support teams. The platform automates routine tasks, optimizes customer interactions, and delivers unparalleled support, empowering businesses to achieve scalability and growth.

What we like: SleekFlow combines advanced AI features with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to manage customer interactions and improve engagement across multiple channels using a flow builder logic.

Best for: Pricing depends on features needed. It starts from free. For more details visit the website or contact SleekFlow.

Price: Free for HubSpot users.

5. Content Assistant

At the click of a button, using AI like Content Assistant, you can edit the tone of content you’ve written to ensure your intended messaging reaches your prospects.

In sales, it’s not always what you say but how you say it. There comes a time in every sales career when you must pick your words carefully, particularly if you're competing for a highly competitive job or for a prospective client who really needs convincing.

At the end of a long day, getting the tone just right can be hard, but there’s AI for that. HubSpot’s Content Assistant helps you craft a perfect email or sales page.

What we like: Content Assistant operates within the interface you’re currently working within, so you can keep your focus rather than shift between windows and programs.

Best for: Sales teams using HubSpot

Price: Free for HubSpot users.

6. makes conversations within Slack easier. The tool helps summarize what’s happened within Slack while you’re away and helps you prioritize the must-read messages. Users don’t have to read through irrelevant threads and can respond to important messages.

What we like: integrates with Slack for summaries and prioritization.

Best for: Teams using Slack

Price: is free to summarize Slack. Custom quotes are available depending on needs.


Link to image on the drive. is another conversational AI tool that can help generate compelling content.

Sales teams can use to create catchy email subject lines, build engaging landing pages, or encourage a website conversion, such as a download. has an impressive repertoire of users, including Survey Monkey, Zoom, Salesforce, and more.

What we like: can help produce all sorts of content that aid sales, including emails, social media posts, ad copies, landing pages, and more.

Best for: Sales teams looking to automate engaging content generation

Price: You can generate 2,000 words monthly for free. Paid plans start at $36 monthly.

8. Salesken

Salesken's conversational AI for sales offers real-time guidance during customer interactions. Salesken uses up-to-date data to help identify if your customer is responding positively to your latest pitch. Sales reps can get immediate assistance to adjust their messaging and talking points to improve close rates.

Salesken analyzes and responds to customer sentiment and helps create conversations that are focused, engaging, and productive, leading to improved conversion rates.

What we like: Salesken’s real-time assistance can help sales reps take the next best move based on fast data and sentiment analysis.

Best for: Client-facing sales reps

Price: Custom pricing is available depending on your needs.

9. is a chatbot that stands out. The conversational AI chatbot supports sales teams because it can create human-like conversations so prospective customers can self-serve or ask FAQs via your website.

The chatbot can make personalized recommendations using AI to understand and process customer requests. With a sophisticated AI chatbot, sales teams can alleviate some of their workloads, allowing chatbots to help with menial requests.

Analysis of chats can also help sales teams determine what customers don’t understand and, therefore, what can be added to sales messaging. Sales teams will also garner an understanding of common issues that must be solved to improve customer satisfaction.

What we like: can provide personalized messaging and a better customer experience since it can create human-like conversations.

Best for: Sales teams who want customers empowered with self-serve options and customer service

Price: Pricing is available upon request.

10. OpenDialog supports sales capabilities to create, manage, and optimize rich conversational experiences. The tool improves engagement and boosts sales conversion rates by helping salespeople tailor their conversations based on customer profiles and interaction histories, resulting in a more personalized customer experience.

What we like: The tool has an easy-to-use interface.

Best for: Sales teams looking to improve customer interactions

Price: A free demo is available.

11. Versational

Versational allows sales teams to interact with potential customers more efficiently. Its conversational AI understands customer intent, helping sales to respond to customer messages appropriately and effectively to increase close rates.

What we like: Versational’s sentiment analysis is a powerful asset for sales teams.

Best for: Sales teams looking to improve the accuracy and speed of responses to customers

Price: Pricing is available upon request.

Try Conversational AI

AI is fast-moving and overwhelming from all angles. So which AI should you choose? How will you alter your internal processes?

The key is to remember that AI is an aid to a better working experience, a happy team, and better looked-after prospects. The benefits of AI are to be embraced.

Many tools listed above include free trials, so find another AI enthusiast within your team, divide and conquer, and try a few systems until you find the ones that work for you.

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