Use Email Tracking To Stop Asking This Annoying Question

David Ly Khim
David Ly Khim



I used to send an email and get stuck wondering … “Did Mike get my email?

He didn’t respond so maybe he’s ignoring me. Did I annoy him?! 

This leads to the question we're all sick of asking, "Did you get my email?"

Well, I finally stopped asking this question when I began tracking my emails.

Wait … track emails? Isn’t that creepy?

When we receive emails from BuzzFeed, our favorite clothing brand, or a daily news digest, those emails are also being tracked. They want to know whether or not we opened the email and clicked on a link. This way, they know which promotions work and which don't, ultimately using this intelligence to send us more of what we’re interested in.

But that doesn’t mean they monitor our internet usage.

Likewise, when we track an email, we know if a subject line is interesting enough for someone to open our email. Or if our email is interesting enough that they’ll click a link we included. Best part is you can do it for free with Sidekick.

Curious to learn more?

Clickthrough the presentation below to learn more about how email tracking can benefit our efforts and save us from asking that dreaded question. 

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