The Best Free Call Tracking Software (+Tips for Picking the Right One)

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Building a successful inbound strategy relies on getting prospects to come to you. 

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To do this, you must first ask, “Where are my prospects coming from?” and “How can I meet them where they are?”

While marketers with advanced analytics tools might have an easy time figuring how leads got to their landing pages, sales teams can use call tracking to learn more about their customers, where those buyers discover their company, and what platforms they spend time on. 

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Knowledge is power — by uncovering the reasons why your phone’s ringing, you can better understand how your company’s inbound marketing or advertising campaigns lead to your sales team’s success

Ultimately, by leveraging free or affordable call tracking tools, sales teams can better cater their calls to prospects, while also helping their businesses gain valuable, data-driven insights into which campaigns are primed for customer engagement.

To help you pick the best tool for your business, we’ll  cover:

Free Call Tracking Software




AvidTrak is a call insights platform that enables you to track calls from search, social, display, and print, by assigning specific trackable company phone numbers to content on each type of channel. 

This platform also offers dynamic phone number insertion, which assigns unique phone numbers to pay-per-click (PPC) search-engine ad keywords, allowing teams to see which campaigns effectively generate phone call leads. 

Additionally, AvidTrak’s Conversion Path Report provides insights into the web pages that engage  audiences and drive phone call conversions. This data allows businesses to optimize their marketing strategies and focus on the most successful tactics for generating calls.

Lastly, the tool’s CRM software integration enables you to keep your data organized in your preferred database.

Price: Free trial is available. Starter is $15 per month, Professional is $30 per month, and Agency is $55 per month.


Ringba is a call tracking solution geared towards marketers and brands. But, it can also be useful to sales teams aiming to better align with or understand marketing. 

With Ringba campaign management, you can track and monitor your call campaigns in real time. The tool’s call attribution feature also allows you to attribute specific traffic sources and keywords to your calls. 

If your sales floor is dealing with high or disorganized call levels, you can also create routing plans to automatically manage your call flow.

Price: Basic plan is free. Premium plan is $99 per month. Custom pricing is available for Enterprise.

VoIP Detective

VoIP Detective


VoIP Detective is a call reporting tool designed for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) users. This platform provides visibility into call activities within your CUCM servers. 

VoIP Detective’s straightforward tools help you view and analyze calls to and from extensions.

Price: Lite is free. Pro is $899 per year.

Call Tracking Software with Free Trials

Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics


Call Tracking Metrics is a call tracking platform that unlocks insights on online and offline customer behaviors and analyzes campaign performance.

This tool boasts 40+ integrations so you can sync data between platforms, including HubSpot. This integration enables closed-loop attribution and visibility into your marketing efforts.

Additionally, Call Tracking Metrics supports tracking beyond calls, analyzing communication sources like chat, text, and forms.

Price: Free for the first month. Performance at $36 per month, Growth at $99 per month, Connect at $274 per month, and custom pricing available for Enterprise.

Affordable Call Tracking Software

HubSpot Call Tracking Software

HubSpot Call Tracking

Get started with call tracking

If you’re looking for an upgrade, HubSpot’s Call Tracking Software is a solution designed to help businesses track and analyze their phone call activities.

HubSpot's call tracking software allows you to organize your sales calls for the day and prioritize them using engagement and contact property data from HubSpot's CRM. The software also automatically logs every call to the HubSpot CRM database, eliminating the need for manual call logging.

Managers can also coach sales representatives using features such as call transcriptions, keyword searching, call commenting, and call analysis. 

Lastly, sales teams can make calls directly from their internet browser, with one-click connections through VoIP or desk phones. Calls can be made from your own number, recorded within HubSpot, and tracked using calling integrations.

Price: Available in Sales Hub Starter or above ($30+/month depending on tier and number of seats needed).

How to Choose Call Tracking Software

When exploring call tracking software, there are several key factors and features you should consider.

Call Tracking Companies

While we noted a few free, lower budget companies above, these certainly aren’t the only ones on the market. Options include:

  • CallRail
  • Invoca
  • ServiceTitan

Dynamic Number Insertion

Look for software that provides dynamic number insertion, allowing you to assign unique phone numbers to different marketing campaigns or channels. This feature enables accurate tracking of which campaigns are driving phone call leads.

Call Analytics and Reporting

The ability to access comprehensive call analytics and reporting is essential. Look for software that provides detailed metrics such as caller information, call duration, call recordings, and other relevant data. This information will help you understand customer behavior, measure campaign effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration Capabilities

Ensure that the call tracking software can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, analytics tools, and marketing automation systems. This integration enables a unified view of customer interactions and allows for better lead attribution, customized experiences, and streamlined workflows.

Conversion Tracking

Look for software that offers conversion tracking capabilities. Being able to track and analyze inbound calls and attribute them to specificefforts or channels will help you understand lead quality, optimize conversion rates, and improve sales strategies.

ROI Tracking

Choose a solution that enables accurate and reliable tracking of your inbound marketing and sales ROI. The software should connect call data to revenue generated, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of various campaigns and sales conversations for resource allocation, sales alignment, and training.

Call Routing and Management

Consider whether the software offers advanced call routing features, allowing you to direct callers to the right departments or agents based on predefined rules or specific criteria. 

Additionally, features such as call queuing and call recording may be necessary for effective call management.

Ease of Use and Customization

Look for a user-friendly interface that allows for easy setup and navigation. The software should also offer customization options, providing flexibility to tailor the system to your specific business needs.

Security and Compliance

Ensure that the software follows security best practices and complies with relevant data protection regulations. This is particularly important if call recordings or sensitive customer information are involved.

Call Tracking Software FAQ

Q: How does call tracking work?

A: Call tracking involves assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing campaigns or channels. 

When customers call those numbers, the system records data such as the caller's phone number, call duration, call recordings (if enabled), and even the keyword or ad that led to the call. This data is then used for analysis and reporting.

Q: What are the benefits of call tracking?

A: Call tracking provides several benefits, including:

  • Attribution: It helps you accurately measure which marketing efforts are driving phone calls to your sales floor, allowing you to better align with marketers on where to put their resources.
  • Conversion rate optimization: By understanding the quality and outcome of phone calls, businesses can improve sales conversations and optimize scripts or processes to drive more conversions.
  • Personalization: Call tracking data can be used to improve customer experience by personalizing interactions based on caller data and preferences.
  • ROI tracking: With call tracking, businesses can calculate the return on investment of their inbound strategies by connecting marketing funnels, sales calls, and the reps who answer the phone to revenue.

Q: How can I implement call tracking software?

A: Choose a provider that suits your needs and integrates with your existing systems. Typically, you’ll need to set up new phone numbers or use existing numbers, configure tracking settings, and integrate the call tracking data with your CRM or analytics tools.

Q: What kinds of businesses benefit from call tracking?

A: Call tracking can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries. While high call volumes naturally provide more data for analysis, even a few phone calls can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and campaign performance.

Q: Will implementing call tracking disrupt my current phone system?

A: No, call tracking doesn't require changes to your existing phone system. It generally works by forwarding calls to your existing phone lines, tracking the necessary data, and then connecting the calls as intended.

Q: Can call tracking help with customer service and support?

A:  Yes. By tracking and analyzing customer phone calls, businesses can identify common pain points, optimize customer service scripts, and spot areas where improvements can be made to provide a better customer experience.

Q: Can call tracking integrate with my CRM or analytics tools?

A: Many call tracking solutions offer integrations with popular CRM platforms and analytics tools, allowing you to connect call data with other customer data and gain a holistic view of the customer journey.

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