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September 1, 2015 // 1:24 AM

Canned Responses: How to Create Gmail Templates in 60 Seconds

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Copying and pasting the same email response over and over is a nightmare.

Even if you don't have dedicated sales automation software, you can still save time by using Gmail templates (also known as “canned responses”) instead. They can be completely set up in about 60 seconds. 

Here’s how ...  

Part 1: Activate Gmail Templates (aka Canned Responses)

Here’s how to quickly activate canned responses:

Step 1: In Gmail, click the Gear Icon , then click Settings:


Step 2:
 Click the tab that says Labs.


Step 3:
 Search the term "canned responses," click Enable, then Save Changes


Part 2: Save Canned Responses

Sweet, we’ve activated Gmail canned responses. Now we need to save them to use later. Here’s how in 20 seconds: 

Step 1: Start a new email by hitting Compose.


Step 2:
 Type the email you want to save as a template.


Step 3: Click the down arrow on the bottom-right-hand corner of the compose window, hover over Canned responses, then click New canned response…


Step 4:
 A new window will pop up where we can name the canned response.


Part 3: Insert Canned Responses Into Email

Nice, we saved our first canned response. Now here's how to insert the saved response into a new email:

Step 1: Start a new email by hitting Compose.


Step 2:
 Click the down arrow on the bottom-right-hand corner of the compose window, hover over Canned responses, then click on the canned response name (in this case, "Example template") under the Insert section.


Step 3: After the response is pasted, add your recipient, and click send!



Pro tip: If you want to see if that person opened your email, use an email tracking tool called Sidekick (disclaimer: our awesomely free email productivity tool). 

And we're done! Want some proven email templates now?

Now that we've successfully created our first canned response ... let's put some proven email templates to the test. In fact, these templates are so good, they've helped people:

  Have an 80% open rate, resulting in $400+ million in revenue for Fortune 1,000 companies.

  Get mentioned in the New York Times and give presentations at Google. 

  Connect with CEOs of Amazon, Twitter, Pandora, and more. 

They’re only a click away. And best of all … they’re freeCheck 'em out. 

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