There are two general strategies for keeping your sales pipeline full: You can do a little bit of work every day for a steady trickle of leads, or you can use a high-impact strategy to meet a lot of new prospects at once. The most successful salespeople combine both methods.

One of the most powerful ways to find a significant number of new clients at once is hosting an exclusive, private event. While it may sound like a lot of work at first, this doesn’t have to be complicated -- and the payoff can be huge. Check out these five simple steps to creating an event that brings customers straight to your door, so you can crush your sales goals:

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1) Choose a venue that feels exclusive

People love to be included in events that feel upscale. To give your event a high-end feel, choose your venue carefully. A country club, nice hotel, or tastefully decorated venue will pique the interest of high-level prospects and make them excited to attend. In addition, your own perceived value will rise -- helping your prospects see you come across as a true expert before they meet you.

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2) Invite both prospects and clients

When you get your top customers and your ideal prospects in the same room, magic happens. Your clients naturally talk about the results they’ve seen from your offering, essentially doing your selling for you. Testimonials are a powerful tool for closing more sales -- and nothing is better than in-person, unprompted ones from your satisfied customers.

3) Seek out introductions

An upcoming event is the perfect opportunity to seek out introductions from everyone in your network. Ask family, friends, and current clients to introduce you to others who may want to attend, and encourage customers you invite to bring someone with them. People who are typically hesitant to share others’ contact information are often much more excited to introduce you when an invitation to an exclusive event is on the table.

4) Prepare to offer value

Add value to your event by sharing industry best practices. Your position as a salesperson gives you a bird’s eye view of what works and what doesn’t -- and your prospects and customers are eager to learn what you know. For example, you could discuss the latest market trends and how the most successful companies have responded or the innovation you’ve observed in a particular business area.

This highlights your domain expertise and will help you set far more sales meetings.

5) Plan another event

Once you’ve hosted a successful exclusive event, your clients and prospects will see first-hand the value you have to offer. They’ll be eager to attend your next event -- and invite even more people to join them. I personally host two of these events each year to keep that momentum going. This keeps your sales pipeline full year-round.

Have you ever hosted an exclusive event for customers and prospects? If so, what results did you see? If not, how will you use these tips to plan your first one? Share your experiences and plans in the comments below. Check out this free 9-Day Sales Intensive for more powerful strategies to transform your sales approach.

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 event sales

Originally published Apr 6, 2017 7:30:00 AM, updated October 30 2019


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