How to Book a Meeting with an Extremely Busy Person & More Posts You Might've Missed This Week

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Decision makers, by definition, are difficult to get in touch with. With the power to make strategic decisions on behalf of the organization and authorize large purchases comes a plethora of meetings and requests. Salespeople must deftly maneuver past gatekeepers to secure a time slot on the ultimate decision maker's calendar. It's a tricky task, and sellers sometimes fail or throw in the towel.

But no matter who you're trying to book a meeting with, I doubt this person is as in demand as, say, Warren Buffet. And yet, Gillian Zoe Segal, author of the new book Getting There, was able to wheedle an hour long meeting with the eminent investor.

How in the world did she do it? Segal reveals her secrets to getting a meeting with ultra-busy people in her post "You Can Meet Anyone You Want: Here's the Formula I Used."

"If you are not a big name or don't have something major to offer, accept that you will not be at the top of anyone's priority list -- no matter how important your request might seem to you. You will be ignored and rejected a lot, and you can't take it personally or allow it to depress or discourage you," Segal writes. "Make yourself as human as possible -- the less human you appear, the easier it is for someone to reject you."

After you discover actionable tactics that will help you block time on just about anyone's calendar (if someone books Oprah, let me know), check out five more of the week's top sales articles below.

1) 7 Reasons Your BDRs Aren't Making Quota by Matt Heinz

Is it the leads? The process? Or the BDRs themselves? Get to the root of the problem.

2) How Sales Professionals Create Value For Customers by Tamara Schenk

If you're struggling to sell value over price, this thoughtful post is worth a read (and maybe even a bookmark).

3) Extroverted vs. Introverted Sales Reps: Who Should You Hire? by Paige Schaefer 

Discover the relative strengths and weaknesses of introverted sales reps.

4) Confessions of a Non-Salesy Salesperson by Audra Bloom

Bloom maintains that she hates sales ... even though she's in sales (and seems to like her job). Find out how she resolves this conflict. 

5) 11 Rules For Email Etiquette in Sales by Brianna Bowman

Salespeople send a lot of emails, so it's critical to get them right.

What were your favorite sales posts from this week? Share in the comments.

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