6 Insider Tips That'll Help You Pass HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Training and Certification

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Lauren Hintz
Lauren Hintz



Nearly 15,000 salespeople have enrolled in HubSpot’s free sales training course. Wowza. As they’ve watched our training videos and taken the inbound sales certification, we’ve learned a few lessons from them about what’s made people most successful at finishing the video courses and passing the exam.


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1) If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

On average, the test to gain the certification takes less than 40 minutes to complete. You have three attempts per month to pass it, so don’t worry if you don’t pass the first time. Attempting the exam even before you may feel ready, will give you a sense of what type of questions are asked and what classes you should focus on.

2) Increase the video speed.

You can watch all the videos even faster by increasing the video speed. More than 15,000 salespeople have enrolled in this course and we’ve gotten feedback that people really appreciate this feature of the video software. Videos are about a half hour, so join us on your lunch break and you’ll finish the course in just a week!

3) Download the slides and transcripts.

Downloading the slides gives you an easy reference point when you’re taking the test. It’s open-book, and you can search within the slides for specific keywords contained in the exam questions. You can download the slides in the upper right hand corner of all the webpages with video.


4) Print out the study guide.

Circle the questions you don’t know, and that will help you decide which video classes you should focus on. 

5) Hold time on your calendar to finish the course.

Each of the five classes is less than 45 minutes (and even shorter is you speed up the videos), so block off an hour during your day or lunch to just get it done.

6) Do the exam as a team.

Hold your colleagues accountable and vice versa. It’ll help you stay motivated to finish all the videos and the exam.

Well, what are you waiting for? Learn more about the Sales Training course here. Or if you’ve already created an account, you can log in here.

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