The Tactic That Makes Sales Emails Stand Out in Prospects' Inboxes [Infographic]

Leslie Ye
Leslie Ye




Information overload is real.

As of 2011, most Americans were absorbing 174 newspapers worth of information every single day. The average adult is estimated to consume 15.5 hours of traditional and digital content per day.

This poses a bit of a problem. As a salesperson, you have to slice through all that the noise and make sure that the people who need to hear your message. But how on earth are you supposed to get an email to float to the top of 174 newspapers?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that your emails are making an impact. But there is a technique salespeople should deploy to grab their prospects' attentionStorytelling.

This means including eye-grabbing components in your messages (visual content does a better job at capturing attention than text-only) and creating a narrative that ties together facts instead of just listing them.

As Pixar director Andrew Stanton puts it, “Don’t give them ‘4.’ Give them ‘2 + 2.’ “

Check out the infographic below from LookbookHQ and Beutler Ink for more tips on getting your next sales prospecting email to stand out in a sea of information.


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