5 Lessons for Salespeople From Your Future Customers [SlideShare]

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Lisa Toner
Lisa Toner




If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: Sales has changed. But when it comes to adapting your sales process to the modern buyer, where should you turn for the best advice? The internet? Industry thought leaders? Nope. The only place you can truly rely on for accurate information is of course, to ask your buyers themselves.

But we know it's hard to find time when you're a busy sales rep working tirelessly to hit your monthly targets, so we did the work for you. HubSpot surveyed hundreds of consumers and salespeople to see if there was a disconnect between how buyers buy and how sellers sell. (Hint: There's a huge disconnect.)

Find out how to tweak your sales process to match how your buyer wants to buy by reading through the SlideShare below:

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