10 Accurate Memes That Show the Struggle of Working in Sales

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Daniel Disney
Daniel Disney


It’s no secret, working in sales is hard.

I’m not suggesting it’s any more difficult than other careers out there, but it comes with its own unique challenges. It could be the customer who seemed keen but then never answers your calls, the intense meetings with your sales manager, or the months you're never sure whether you'll hit quota until the eleventh hour.

To help highlight the struggles that sales people face each and every day, here are 10 relatable memes.

1) The Tough Gatekeeper



You know this company would really benefit from your product. You try to call the decision maker, but the gatekeeper will not let you speak to them. It’s as if they’ve sworn their life to protect their manager -- nothing you do or say will convince them.

2) The Fake Promise


You have an amazing conversation with a prospect, you built great rapport, and you were 100% confident they were going to buy. They say they’ll call you back soon to discuss next steps, but then you never get the call ...

3) The Awkward Ride-Along



It’s difficult enough to build up the confidence to pitch to a customer, so imagine then having to do it with your manager watching?!?

4) The Hard Life vs. the Good Life


When you earn commission in sales, life is great. The problem is when you don’t earn commission and are left with a low salary.

5) Management Trickery



Many of us have fallen for it: The glitzy exciting new bonus structure that makes us hopeful we'll earn far more money. In reality, it’s the opposite. Often increased targets and reduced resources make our take-home pay smaller.

6) The Sales Interview



We've all done it a thousand times at this point. Can't anyone come up with a more creative interview prompt? (And no, "sell me my laptop" or "sell me this cup of coffee" doesn't count.)

7) The Complicated Bonus Structure


It’s rarely simple, it’s mind-numbing to calculate, and worst of all, it's often impossible to achieve. The sales bonus and commission structure can be a labyrinth of complicated formulas and interdependent rules -- leaving even the most savvy sales professionals stumped.

8) The Customer-Poaching Colleague


Sales can be a cutthroat industry, and in some companies, it’s every person for themselves. You may put invest precious hours and energy into an opportunity, only for one of your colleagues to jump in and take it.

9) The Bonus-Pinching Tax Man


You work hard, spending long hours at the office and going above and beyond for your customers. At last, you hit your target and achieve that bonus you’ve been dreaming of. The day comes when your pay check arrives, you open it excitedly, and then see the taxed amount ...

10) “No Rest for the Wicked”



Few people need a break more than salespeople, but is it easy to take a break in sales? Usually not. If you do manage to get some time off, it rarely means your target gets lowered -- you’re just expected to achieve it in even less time.

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